Bunny Magic XD

May 15, 2010
With Gerard Way
Heya, I am gonna get a bunny!

I just want another buddy around, not that I dislike my wiener dog but I want a bunny like crazy. Parents said yes and so I'm goin' to the pet store tomorrow hopefully.

Was wondering what magic I might be able to use it in. Don't say pull it out of a hat…
Also, I'm not just getting one to do magic with. But it got me thinking about bunny magic (I know it's not called that).

I'll see Bill Goodwin in the Castle library on Saturday and he probably has some answers but I was wondering what everyone else would say.

Thanks in advance…


Possible names:

1. Vampire :p

2: Fag*** :p

3: Gerard :eek:
May 15, 2010
With Gerard Way
Pull it out of a hat. Seriously, why not? Don't say it's corny, because who still does this nowadays? I'm really curious about your motivation here :).

Also, Captain McMiffles. Awesome.

You know what, you're right. I shouldn't be afraid. It would be sweet to bring that effect back and maybe revamp it. Thanks, also Captain McMiffles. You might be onto something but my last bunny committed suicide because I gave him a name he was ashamed of so… I'll think about it. Ya can't go wrong with Vampire.

Thanks for your comment. It is good to think about that stuff.

Keep Running,

Jan 20, 2009
There is the tear apart cabinet,duck bucket( w/rabbit),rabbit from hat,
also andrew goldenhersh does a rabbit from his hair it looks really good.
Mar 22, 2010
You know what, you're right.

I didn't say that.

It is good to think about that stuff.

This, I did mean. What was your original motivation behind not doing it? (If any, at that. I could imagine the possible corny-ness was what totally turned you off. It was obviously the first thing that came to my head).

Oh, and if you name it Vampire, switch it out for a souped-up pluche one and re-enact Monthy Python's Killer Rabbit ;).


Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
I've been researching bunnies for magic routines. If you are going to get one, try to get a Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops. According to everything I've read, those are the preferred breeds for magic.
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