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  1. Hi, I wanted to ask your opinion about this topic. It's killing me, I'm really nervous of performing a palm to my spectators.

    I've practiced the gambler's cop, which is the "obvious" go-to palm for standing up performances. Is there any other palm that could work on a stand up performances?? I'm looking for the best palm in terms of angles since you should be able to cover most angles for a street magic performance.

    You will probably tell me: misdirection can cover it. However, please consider that I often find myself in front of hecklers in most of the groups I perform to.

    So please tell me: Is there a burnable palm for a stand up performance?
  2. A standard top palm, IMHO
  3. No such thing. What you need to learn is how to properly apply misdirection with you sleight of hand and be able to palm without looking at the deck or even hesitating in your speech when you do it. The only reason people will tend to burn you is because when you do the dirty work, you pretty end up being quiet and they don't anything important or interesting to look at/think about anymore. So there eyes go to the deck.

    Learn how to script your routines in a way where you are constantly misdirecting them. Either overtly by telling somebody on your left or right to stand in a better spot, then at that very moment your do the dirty work and continue the presentation, also learn how to get the dirty over and done with BEFORE the presentation is finished. By doing what mentioned.
  4. I see.. I will start scripting my performances and working on the presentation for the effects. But you didn't answer my question, what palm would work best in your opinion?
  5. Hey, I often use one-handed top palm (not sure how it's called) and regular Erdnase top palm. These two lead to the same position of the card(s) in your hand - parallel to your palm so it's unseen at about all the 180° . The real thing is to learn dropping palmed cards back onto the deck, this part is where many magicians fail at. You should consider buying Practical Card Palming DVD (super good, goes over every aspect) if you haven't done it yet. Good luck (;
  6. The standard top palm and the one handed top palm are all I ever use. The biggest thing to do is examine your performance and figure out why you have so many hecklers. In my experience, hecklers are usually created by the performer and can easily be avoided for the most part by having an engaging performance that treats the audience with respect.
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    Riffle Action Palm
  8. Where can I watch a performance of this palm. I had never heard of it before
  9. Have you considered the ultimate card control utility (U.C.C.U.) ? I know it's a gimmick, but it is an alternative to consider.
  10. I don't use gimmicks. Actually I always adjust the methods of the tricks I learn in order to make them impromptu.
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    I don't care to much for gimmicks either, but it's missing a lot of negatives most gimmicks have. It doesn't require reloads, it doesn't take space in your pocket, no need to reset, it's not bulky, and it's actually a huge asset if you use gaffed cards, doubles, or stacks.

    I'm not here to push a gimmick just offering an alternate solution.
  12. So you don't use doubles, double backers, or gaffed cards?
  13. Not at all.. I only use sleight of hand and occasionally I perform tricks that require setup.
  14. I´ve seen someone doing this live. I haven`t seen anything. Didn`t even feel something sneaky. It just happens in a natural action as looks clean from all angles.
    Don`t know where to find a good presentation of this. The quality of the Ron Bauer video sucks. Not Mr.Bauer himself, but the video quality. Also I´ve seen a rather bad presentation of the Palm from someone (I didn`t remember who).

    Another good looking (by good looking I mean nothing suspecting) palm, with the same name (but a different palm), can be found @ Dan&Dave´s website as a download.

    And a very good third one, the best one-handed top palm I´ve seen to date, is

    Whatever, I would always, always do the palm on the relaxation or when the heat is not on your hands.
  15. Wow! I'm considering to buy the one handed top palm from Vanishing inc. It has Ackerman's approval so...
  16. It's a good move. It's a bit knacky, but there's some little points that can really make it easier. Once you get it, though, it can be incredibly invisible.

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