Butterfly Black Playing Cards by Ondřej Pšenička

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    The Butterfly Playing Cards Black series design is based on the original artwork by magician and artist Stefan Eriksson.

    It's a challenge to create a deck that is complex enough to hide marked cards without being too irregular and cluttered, but the Butterfly Deck was designed with an exceptional amount of care and thought, fulfilling its function while displaying a beautiful design. Each card is edge-marked in two ways, allowing you both to locate any card in the deck via the two-way edge marks and to spot any reversed card using one-way marks on either the backs or faces.

    The original Butterfly Playing Cards (Red and Blue) were created back in December 2016 with a crowdfunding campaign which raised $59,097 and sold 14,000 decks.

    NOW - they are being re-released in BLACK and with GILDED EDGES on KICKSTARTER - follow the link below


    They are to be printed by Cartamundi at their Turnhout headquarters, the only factory in the world with the technology and strict quality control to absolutely guarantee 0,5 mm registration in cutting.

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