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  1. since i haven't seen alot of good pictures of the guardians i decided to scan mine because i just got the package today!
    ok, so here we go:

    Bicycle Guardians Cards


    this pic includes scans of the ace of spades, the joker, the back design, jack of clubs, queen of hearts, king of spades and a picture of the 8 of diamonds right beside a regular red rider back 8 of diamonds, so you can clearly see the different red.
    image size is 3200x4500.

    Bicycle Guardians Box


    this pic includes a scan of the front and the back of the box, as well as the bottom (where the t11 logo is).
    image size is 1800x1600.

    i hope you like my pictures, i know they are not perfect scans, but i thought it would be nice to have some better pics so you can see how the guardians look (if you don't have them yet).
  2. Hello,

    Hawk, check out my thread of Guardian Photos, here is a link

    Guardian Pictures

    Take care
  3. Worried that the scanm isn't perfect... on my comp I can see all the little cross hatches in the card.
  4. has everyones sticker off centre? (the one tht seals the deck)

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