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    Hello Everyone!! Back with another review for you all. Chris Mayhew's CAANDY and trust me it rocks:D

    Chris Mayhew

    Price $10

    Where At?

    What They Say Chris Mayhew is back with another fantastic download.

    We first saw Chris perform this amazing Any Card at Any Number at The Session 2010 where he fooled a room full of 100 magicians. Nobody had a clue how this clever routine worked and it became the hit of the convention.

    It's DEVILISHLY CLEVER, easy to learn, uses a normal deck, there's no memorized deck work and no difficult sleights so hopefully you can see why we are particularly excited about this great card effect! Download it now.

    (Yup Its Pretty Much That Cool):p

    Thoughts Pure Awesomeness on a stick with marshmallows. Im a fan of Chris's work and the ACAAN plot seeing that they both were together i had to get CAANDY. If you havent watched the preview watch it the effect is clean and simple. There is no hard memory work and other the last few days i have performed it for magicians and laymen alike getting awesome reactions and the deck is completely normal!!

    Teaching As Chris usually is he is very precise but very laid back he is easy to relate to and overall a really funny guy so he has his random off beat moments. Everything is gone over in detail and it is really really simple to learn. Chris is a great teacher.

    Applications The concept behind this with some thinking could have multiple applications you just need to use your imagination and it is really easy!

    Quality Quality is great. Easy to learn from and even 2 extra videos at the end with Chris going over a few more touches additions.

    Definitely my favourite ACAAN to date and so damn easy!!

    The creativity behind it is excellent its so much fun to perform and it is DEVILISHLY easy.

    I absolutely recommend you pick this up if anything put this right at the top of your list im 100% sure you wont be dissapointed!!:p

    Enjoy it all and keep performing.


    (Yes on the page Chris is trying to look like Mario i wouldnt mind my own Mario hat actually)
  2. Looks good.
    I would never perform it ( to long for me :p ) but I still like the idea :)
  3. I was wondering if someone could just name the card instead of picking out 2 cards to make up a card?
  4. Well I think that would change the whole dynamic of the trick. If they just name the card, then you are looking at memorized deck work and trying to do some mental suggestion, like the original Berglas effect.
  5. this is easily my favorite caan to date. it is so damn easy and all ive gotten are dropped jaws and holy sh*ts!
  6. Sounds great. Thanks for posting. I'll have to check this out.
  7. The person cannot name a card they have to use the 'random' selection. You don't need to make the selector card though.
  8. is it in a specific order or is it impromptu?

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