Calen Morelli Moving Up the Ladder..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rneogy, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Calen recently released yet another effect with Paper Crane Magic and Ellusionist called Clench.

    Post your thoughts on how popular this guy is gonna get... I think he's awesome... Maybe he's the next innovator in magic.

  2. I didn't know it was on Ellusionist. I've seen Clench and I thought, "Hmm, it's Papercrane, it might not be good. But it's Calen, so I'll check it out" Honestly, I think Calen can do a lot better than Clench. It's not that good, but it doesn't suck.
  3. Wait until you see what's coming soon.....
  4. Yeah he's got a lot of stuff I was there when he filmed all the stuff with Paper Crane and its all great.
  5. LOL, just another effect? PFFT, that's nothing compared to what you'll see in the coming month.

    I mean *cough* that's all for calen, he's done putting anything out.
  6. Can he take Criticism.. and can his fans take Criticism
  7. and also hes good looking and thats a plus for him,wish you the best calen
  8. I burnt my fingers typing this because of how flaming that last post was.
  9. thanks bro
  10. I'd rather not. I'm not a fan boy. I don't gush over someone else's notoriety. I think it's sloppy to do so. If the guy is good, and can turn a buck by selling his merch, then more power too him. But I'm not going to squee about it.
  11. I haven't really checked anything out from E or Theory in ages. Not much that as come out as really wowed me. I've got nothing against creators. Hell, I am starting to become a big David Regal fan (but then again, most of his stuff is usually extremely workable and also extremely clever.). Also not really a fan of single released effects. Ended up getting conned into buying into the hype for David Stones Window, and that turned into a big waste of 75 bucks.

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