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California Meetup

Sep 1, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Hey guys, might as well post this here. I'm trying to organize a meetup for us California guys, even though it will probably end up just being the Bay Area and NorCal people.

As of now, no date is picked. I'm trying to plan this around everybody's schedules. Most likely it will take place in Carmichael, at Grand Illusions Magic Shop. I just need to check with Steve, the owner, to make sure he's cool with it.

You can either contact me here, through AIM (djmizzy94115), through MSN (goldgloveat3rd(at)hotmail(dot)com), on Twitter (davidmisner), Youtube, Vimeo, Theory11, Decknique (for the next two weeks), or through email (digidave(at)fastermac(dot)net).

Hope to hear back from you guys.

David Misner
Dec 11, 2008
Meet up..

Is this for a session, or lecture, or general discussion about magic? I am very interested and am currently working in San Fran, at Teatro Zinzanni. I would like to know more. PM me if you have a chance. Thank you...
Oct 5, 2007
i am am 1 hour a way

please give me details on this as soon as possible pm me please soon as you have details
chris adams
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