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    Whats up guys.;) I wanted to know if there are any cardists or magicians in California. There aren't any magicians or cardists in my area so Ive never really experienced a meetup ,while many others have. I think it would be a fun experience that Ive never had before.I would like to make a big meetup in California.

    Please comment if you are a magician or cardist that lives in California because i would love to jam :)

    :Thanks guys-Jesus:
  2. California is PACKED with magicians, dude. It's pretty much the magic capital. I'd be down, what did you have in mind?
  3. Please do one in California! I'm French but I'll be in San Francisco from the 10th of august to the 30th august, also i'll be a few days in Los Angeles! It would be great to meet-up :)
  4. Depending on where you are, CA is pretty dense with magicians, seeing as it is the location of the Magic Castle. This might sound like much, but you could make a facebook page about a meetup you want to have, and get people to check in and meet up :)
  5. Well the Magic Apple on Ventura blvd is pretty nice place to meet up and jam. I'd recommend a Saturday afternoon around well... noon-ish. There's a kick ass pizza parlor just down stairs from there too that we can grab some grub at.
  6. California is a pretty big state, and very 'long'. What area are you thinking?
  7. William Draven is right. I go over there every couple of weeks just to hang out.
  8. thats a great idea. ill look into that ;)
  9. southern california.maybe the magic apple
  10. I'll meet up at the Magic Apple if you guys are serious

    or SoCal in general
  11. I'll call Brent today or Tuesday and see if it's something he'd be okay with. Though I don't know why he wouldn't. If he's good to go, then I'll report back here and see if we can't finalize some details!
  12. Ya, I'm sure he's cool with it.
  13. Was the last reply here in 2013?
  14. Check us out!!!

    "Monday Night Jams Orange County"

    We are a group of magicians and creators who meat up every Monday and just talk magic!
  15. JULY 27TH, 2013


    How the HELL did you find this??

  16. I’m in the Los Angeles area! Pretty new to magic/cardistry, would like some people to jam with!

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