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  1. Any of you guys and gals living in California, I hope you're doing well with all them earthquakes. Stay safe people!!

    Magic related....
    If Houdini were still alive AND performing, which magician could you see opening for him?
    I could see Justin Wilman or Adam Trent. Both likable and funny guys to counteract the seriousness of Houdini's act.
  2. Jibrizy
  3. He would never lower himself to such standards to accept a virtual nobody when compared to him to open his show. He's much too famous and too good of an entertainer to do such a thing, he'd scoff at the mere mention of the idea.

    Jibrizy would obviously have his own show. More like whodini amirite.
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  5. Yeah guys, stay safe! That earthquake sounds insane.

    This is actually a super interesting question. It would probably have to be someone that does a bit of "crazy" magic that isn't just a run of the mill magician, but fits alongside Houdini's stuff. Someone who does some weird things verging (or passing) the border of gross and crazy whilst still being entertaining. But not someone like David Blaine, who takes it into a super serious world and would be too much like Houdini. Maybe someone like Brian Brushwood (with his Psycho Surgery or spinning cups routine)? Or perhaps someone who just did a lot of interesting magic that was a bit strange, but very entertaining. Mac King could be a good fit (though I don't see him being just someone who opens a show, seeing how his is super successful).
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  6. If in the next UN climate change summit the world leader don't come up with real, tangible plans to deal with the problems recklessness has caused, then the future is dark.
    And I mean the next 5 years, when I say 'future'.

    But then I look at some of the world leaders today, and let's just say, my hopes aren't high, ugh.

    I think David Blaine would be cool. After all, Blaine is pretty much a living legend and a perfect rival-ally-ish person to Houdini.
    Seeing Shin Lim do it would be fun as well.
    There's also Eric Jones...
    Of course, Piff the Magic Dragon would be the best choice, hands down.

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