Calling All Canadian Magicians!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cardz9863, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Hey there guys and gals!
    How have you guys been doing?
    Well I was watching the Sydney videos and thought to myself...I would really want some pizza right about now...BUT...After that I wondered how many magicians here are in Canada or even on the border of the US!
    Name the province and city if you want!
    Nobody here will stalk you! I obvioulsy only speak for myself! :p
    Nah I'm joking...Hopefully:eek:
  2. I live way out in nova scotia. I have to drive THREE HOURS to get to my magic club :(
  3. Kingston, Ontario - we don't have a magic shop, a magic club...hell, only a few guys even DO magic in Kingston...yet, we are one of the larger cities.
  4. Ottawa, Ontario x 2
  5. I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia. West Side..I mean...

  6. sluferkimo....does that mean you are a twin?
  7. Toronto, Ontario
  8. London, Ontario
  9. Hamilton, Ontario... home to TWO great clubs plus only an hour away from two major magic shops.
  10. Cool guys thats really cool me, I'm from Toronto, Ontario!
    Hehe maybe I could meet ya someday Pete!
  11. Calgary Alberta
  12. Warren, Michigan.
  13. Burlington, Ontario! about 45 mins from 2 major magic shops: Browsers den of magic and Morrissey magic
  14. London, Ontario. :)
  15. Vancouver BC. i guess i can meet up with rebelace one day eh?

    Edit: east side ;D
  16. Surrey, BC (like 30min away from Van.)

    Shout out to RebelAce! haha

    - EyeOfDeception
  17. And you spelled Canadian wrong! =]
  18. Calgary, Alberta
  19. Waterloo, Ontario

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