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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by quick_trick, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if there was anybody interested in meeting together on a regular basis in Adelaide Australia, to share and collaberate thoughts, related to magic and peforming. I do not know ANYBODY personally in Adelaide who is into magic or performing. I have loads of ideas, tricks and moves rattling around in my head I want to share and am very interested in learning more. Think the way a band "jams", that's what I want to do with magic.

    So if there's anyone who's interested, post a reply and or PM me!

  2. Your in luck , there’s quite a few of you Adelaide Magicians floating around eg; Blink.

    Not many for here in Queensland, were all alone ;)

    Anyone in Queensland feel free to chuck me a PM or E-mail and we can get together.

  3. Melbourne, anyone??
    Are there any magic clubs or meetings in Adelaide? That's a great place to meet Magicians.
  4. I would be more than happy to mate,

    I know a couple of Magicians.

    Myself and Kash included.

    There is an IBM (Or what ever it is called, Yes, I should join lol) here, Anton Holmes is also from SA.
  5. Im sydney ... Im alone too... well almost alone...
  6. i am in Melbourne
  7. Haha where does 'Matt Hollywood' come from.


    Worst, Ever.
  8. yo yo!!!
    I'm in Adelaide, but in Year 12.
    Way too many assignments. But if there's anything coming PLEASE keep me posted.

  9. if I were still in Sydney, I'd love to meet up.. I'm in the states now
  10. me, i'm from melbourne
  11. ^ Me too...

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