Calling T11 Ohio Magicians

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SHANE BLACK, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. I'm in Columbus this weekend shooting production for a hush hush project. PM me for details and locations if your in the area.


  2. Pitty. I'm from Ohio originally. Break a leg!
  3. If you need me, I'll be at the Oval on Ohio State Campus ;)
  4. I will definately try to meet up.
  5. Shane,
    I'm in Canton but that is a two hour drive from Columbus man. Have fun. Wish we could hang out but its trick or treat for my kids this weekend and I'm headed to a wedding. You can PM me details if you are sharing them. Thanks.
  6. Hey gentlemen I'm trying to get my schedule for the weekend and I'll have updates most likely tommorow afternoon. Tonight I'll be unavailable due to performance shots but I believe I may be available on Saturday not sure though. I went to Be Amazed Magic Shop today the selection was phenomenal!

    I'll PM you guys soon. Thanks see you guys then!

  7. I won't call you this weekend since you'll be out, and I know you'll be busy for a while Shane. Just let me know when you get home so I can call you again and piss you off about not coming to NYC. ;)

  8. check out the OSU campus, its awesome. If not there then Easton Town Center is a great mall you could check out. Its near columbus and Gahanna Ohio.
  9. haha cool, you were at the magic shop today? so was I! i'm on the OSU campus every week day
  10. Shane is a really great magician, some really mind blowing stuff from this guy.
  11. Shane is insanely talented. I've seen some of his material live via webcam many times. Great inventor.

  12. I live about 4 hours from Colombus, about 50 minutes from Cleveland.. and plus its too late now.
  13. Hey guys thanks for the support I have some new stuff coming soon I know will take your magic to the next level. I'm headed to Daytona Florida tommorow to work the Daytona Magic Convention just look for me at the Papercrane Magic booth if you plan on attending. The cats out of the bag so for those of you that have been asking yes I'm Papercranes new artist and I just finished production on two projects and I'm scheduled for a few more next year so I look forward to hearing feedback from my fellow members here and Im thrilled to have this opportunity.

    Thanks again,

  14. Congrats Shane. Nice work and continue to grow throughout your career.
  15. Thanks again will do!

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