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  1. Hi everyone!
    I was hoping I could get some insight from some people who have been in the magic community for awhile. When did you feel comfortable calling yourself a magician? I've been learning magic for a little over a month now, and I did my first performance today and it went really well. Nothing big but was invited to do a birthday party, so walked around and did tricks. People kept referring to me as a magician, but I'm not sure I've put in the time yet to be called that. It's that or it's all in my head and it's fine....would just like another opinion. Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. If the performance went really well, and the people you performed for perceived you as a magician and referred to you as such, then there is no reason why you should not think of yourself as a magician. After all, a lion cub is still a lion. It sounds like you have a sense of humility, and that you respect the art of Magic enough to realize that there is a lot of work and experience ahead before you achieve any level of mastery. If it was a piece of cake and it just happened overnight, then what would it be worth? I started giving shows for adults at my parents' and relatives' parties when I was 6 years old. I considered myself a magician, and so did the audiences. That did not mean that I still did not have a long way to go. Of course I did - and I knew it. I learned a long time ago that once you think you are "there" and your ego takes over, that is the beginning of a perilous decline. Now decades later, I still feel like I have a long way to go, and probably will always feel that way. But it has been said that it's not so much the destination as the journey that counts, and I have had fun every step of the way, and I hope you do, as well...
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  3. Thank you Acd for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to answer, I feel the same way, it's just nice to know I'm in the right frame of mind to move forward with this.
  4. I'm pretty lax about it, personally. If you perform magic, you're a magician. Sounds like you've put a decent amount of work into doing good performances, so you're on the right path.

    Though to answer your question I don't generally refer to myself as a magician due to the image most people have of what that word means.
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  5. There is no requirement of what it takes to be called a magician. If you perform magic, you are a magician. The amount of learning, practice and work you put into it determines how good of a magician you are.

    I do in an attempt to change that image.:cool:
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  6. Your style is much more classic, and able to be described as "magician". If I call myself a magician, then show up and do what I do, people re confused and often disappointed. They don't understand that my skill set is largely derived from the same place, I just take it a different direction. So it's better to use a title that reflects what I do, or at least go with "mentalist".
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  7. So far I've learned and performed some card tricks, coin tricks and some pen tricks. Also, the putting a pop can tab through the side of the can *that one has gotten a lot of really cool responses*. So I would definitely fit the name magician, thanks for the input!
  8. Of course you're still a magician. One day of doing magic still counts as doing magic.
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  9. Some people perform "deception specialist" or "Sleight of hand artist" but..... in reality it is all the same thing. It is up to you on how you want to call yourself. If I walk into a room and tell everyone i am a "Conjurur" they will think I'm into witchcraft or something lol
  10. The words you use will evoke specific images, depending on the region.

    In Fresno, "magician" most commonly means "comedy" magician, and they'll assume you do birthday parties for $50-$100 a pop. You can work around that, and a friend of mine is doing quite well doing that, but that's the first thing they think of.

    Out here in PA, "magician" doesn't seem to have much of a solid definition. They seem to think it's more stage magic. There's not many "professional" magicians around here.

    The word "conjuror" would probably elicit quizzical looks here.

    I take this idea and run with it. I am a "Witch Doctor".
  11. Not really related, but if anyone is walking into a room and calling themselves A Conjurer (or worse - THE Conjurer) - you might have more than a few problems, depending on the audience lol

    Justin, The Name doesn't really matter, if your performance is good enough, people who see you as a magician will refer to you as one, and those that don't, don't really care about your performance and it doesn't effect you. If you are accomplishing any part of your goals as a magician, including just performing, you are a magician.

    P.S. The Conjurer is a great superhero name.

    Some Skeleton Ghost Warlock Dude who brings inanimate things to life to fight people in tights for no clear reason...
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  12. That reminds me of another thing - what we call ourselves, doesn't always matter to the audience.

    If what we call ourselves is pretentious, or long winded, or doesn't make sense to the audience, or doesn't fit their expectations of whatever said title is, they'll pick a title for us.

    It goes like this. "Have you heard of Maaz Hasan? He's a deception artist." "What's that?" "He does this card stuff, kind of like a card magician, but it's all gambling related, and it's real stuff not tricks." "So he's a magician?" "Yeah."

    I just picked your name because it was the first above my post here, I'm not saying you'd call yourself that, Maaz.

    I call myself a Witch Doctor. "Oh! So what do you do?" is not an uncommon response. I use this to my advantage, because people have a vague idea of what "Witch Doctors" do - but when a white dude in the city says it, it creates an automatic mental conflict, and usually intense curiosity. Of course, I have also built the repertoire of skills to back that title up.

    Now, if someone who did classic magic called themselves a Witch Doctor - the audience would think, "He's a magician." That's just human nature - we label things with what we think makes sense.
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  13. Maaz and Christopher, both very good points. I've decided I'm just going to let people call me what they call me, Magician..magic dude, whatever. The thing that's important to me, is that while I'm performing tricks and effects I keep in mind the long line of those that came before me and the line of those I may inspire to do what we're doing. Making sure that I bring the same level of energy and showmanship that gives all of us be it mentalist, magician, "witch doctor" any thing a good name.
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  14. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare -

    When I approach a table at a restaurant or people sitting at the bar, or anyone at a special event, I always introduce myself as "Al e Cat Debra, the Magical Entertainer" (never "magician"), usually followed by "Great to see you!". They are usually so amused by this, that they are open and receptive to see what I am going to say or do next. I then go into a very quick visual effect, for example production of an old silver dollar from a piece of flash paper I set ablaze, or a color change. This establishes that I do magic (or whatever they decide to classify it as, if anything), and eliminates the need to announce that I am a "magician" which has negative connotations for some people based on past experience, and also eliminates any need to ask whether I can do "magic" or a "magic trick for them," which can frequently result in rejection. I have already done magic, and usually they want to see more...
  15. That's a great opening! The fact that an effect has already taken place breaks down barriers for the spectators and invite more magic. I will use this.
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