Camera Test: Flourishes

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by S.G, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Here's a video testing out my new camera. Let me know what you think about the quality and the quality of the flourishes. I know most weren't original and the video is rather short, but I will showcase more original moves in the near future.

  2. What camera is it? It looks nice. It's just really dark.

    Also, what was the song?
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    Sorry about the darkness. I actually simulated that lighting in post though. I may post the unedited one tomorrow as it was actually much brighter. YouTube screwed with the quality a bit though.

    The camera is a Canon 7D with a 28-135mm lens.

    And the song is "I know Places". I believe it is the DJSB remix. It's in the description box. :)
  4. Awesome camera and song! :)
  5. Hey thanks! I was so happy when I got the camera. What did you guys think of the flourishes?
  6. Looking forward to seeing high quality videos from you Suhaas. I try not to worry about original content in videos because there are so many people out there that are way more talented than me. Just do what you're comfortable with.
  7. Will do formula. I look forward to it as well.
  8. Nice camera but I think you can achieve much better looking video. It isn't bad by any means but you have the power in your hands to make it better. For example Shane Hurlbut shot 80% of his film Act of Valor on DSLRs. Anyway what compression did you use?
  9. Hey,

    Thanks for the input. I do realize that this video wasn't very good but I just wanted to test the quality. I edited it together really quick with iMovie so there weren't too many options for compression. I stuck with default settings.

    I will release a decent video in a little while. Thanks for your interest!
  10. For some reason whenever I see a Camera Test video it fills me with happiness and love inside.

    Camera test videos show that the person cares for his work and cares for the quality of his image. And this effort and emotions always gets conveyed to the audience one way or another. Good stuff SG!

    With regards to the video, indeed it is a little too dark, perhaps when you do upload the other version of the video we will be able to tell if the footage is salvageable.

  11. Hey Thanks Jaspas! Means a lot coming from you to comment on my video (not that it means any less from anyone else).

    I'll upload the original footage tonight. Shouldn't take too long and I'll post the link in this thread. Thanks for the interest!

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