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Camera Work/Editing

Feb 17, 2008
hey guys,

its become obvious to me that especially in a situation like here at T11 where you perform for the camera, your camera work and editing can be very important to the overall outcome of the effect. so the question im asking is, how do you guys go about camera work/editing. i know when im out in the streets performing for actual people (which i do most often) i try to bring a "camera man" but for me that doesn't get much more in depth that being a close friend. do you guys have specifically trained camera guys (like Dana is for Wayne)? if so, how do you go about finding/training these people? finally, how much editing do you guys normally do on a posted video, and what do you use to do it?

love to hear your guys' input

May 10, 2008
My friends and I usually take turns being the cameraman. It helps when the camerman is a fellow magician, as they know what to, and what not to shoot.

But I guess it wouldnt hurt to have a specialized camerman/women....

As for training, I would have them watch all the flourishing or magic videos they could find and have them base their style of shooting off that. It also helps as it shows them what to film, what not to, distance, lightning etc, which trust me can become a problem later.....


theory11 moderator
If anyone's in the UK, I work with a great crew called Frameworks, headed by a chap called David Blood.

Absolutely awesome to work with, he'll bring out a 6 piece crew with like 2 big HD cams, sound rig, everything - Makes you feel famous!:p

If anyone is interested in working with Frameworks, drop me a PM and I'll put you in touch!!

May 3, 2008
me and my buddy bryan went out filming and got into the dana/wayne situation where we realised one was way better at shooting and one knew how to work the crowd better.
Windows Movie Maker ftw!
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