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  1. Hey guys. Pretty soon I will be leaving for a camping trip with about twenty other people my age (14ish) and while I certainly do not plan on focusing o magic while I'm there, I will be bringing a couple packs of cards just for some entertainment at the campfire. I was wondering what you guys thought would be some great tricks to perform while there. I wouldn't want to bring any gimmicks unless they would make the effect absolutely unforgettable. So, in short, what are some of your favorite card effects which can pack small, as I have to carry everything with me, so no big gimmicks or such. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. The Ambitious Card is always good. You can also do some impromptu rubber band magic because they are easy to carry. Try some mind reading with easy card forces ( do not try risky forces unless you are very confident because when in a group, people tend to think outside of their mind and challenge themselves to try and ruin your trick ). You could also try the *ashes on the arm* prediction cuz you have fire everywhere.
  3. I'd look into Free Will myself. Once you understand the principle behind why it works you can adapt it to be used with literally anything. You won't get David Blaine style reactions from it, but you will gobsmack your audience with it.

    Ambitious is great. Really anything that can be done with a single deck of cards will pack small and probably play big. Triumph is wonderful for cards. Sloppy Triumph is a good impromptu one but my personal favorite is Banon's Play it Strait.

    Ashes are fine, but the usual method is unreliable in my opinion. They used to make a product called "Ashes Pen" which achieved the same effect as the soap. Much better results in my opinion.

    Ghost Glass II from Viking Magic is also a great camping one because hey... who doesn't like ghost stories right? That will require you to have a small prop, bout the size of a medicine bottle, and some cotton Q-tips.

    There's so much you can do with business cards and the Out to Lunch method as well. Well worth looking into.

    Loops are an easy to pack, big miracle playing device. Multiple uses ranging in levitation's, animations, all the way to PK touches.

    Have you done much work with a PK ring? Those are deceptive little bits of magic too.

    Spoon / Fork bending is a personal favorite of mine. Although I myself suck at it, Dee Christopher (of the Theory11 mod team) has a GREAT bending DVD out called Metal!, and Morgan Strebler (a good friend of mine) has a must have DVD set called Liquid Metal (1&2) which teaches you how to metal bend. Honestly, you should own all three DVD's just for reference purposes. However if you are going to metal bend these are must haves for the foundations of your study. I'd be amiss if I didn't mention Banachek's Psychokinetic Silverware in this same grouping.

    Also, while I don't personally perform it, I hear card to shoe is a great card to impossible location effect.

    That listing alone should give you more than enough ammo to field a 90 minute show, let alone a few one shot "ta-da" moments at summer camp.
  4. I would like to thank you sir, for helping this man because I had the chance to find out about the trick named Free Will. I don't intend to boast, but i figured it out and i'm really excited right now :D
  5. You won't regret purchasing Free Will. I have had 2 of them (due to losing a wooden chip at the airport) and use it in EVERY single close up show I do whether it is impromptu or paid.

    Think about your surroundings as well. You could do:

    Cups and Balls with mashmallows and cups.
    Torn and Restored Napkin
    Anything with loops and levitating small twigs or matches
    A mentalism routine (using the Free Will principle) with a knife fork and spoon from the utensils
    A paddle move routine using a hot dog with a dot or two of ketchup

    Okay..I was kidding on the last one but you understand what I mean. Think about what items you will have handy and adapt principles.
  6. Since you said you would be leaving soon for your trip, it is probably best to stick with what you already know and adapt your routine (if you have one) to work in a campfire setting.
  7. theres a trick that daniel garcia does where you pick a card and sign it then put it in the box and wave the box over some fire. then you take it out and only the signed card is burned. that would work great by the campfire.
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    Have three spectators write down the name of famous people, somebody that everybody would know, that are alive on a slip of paper and one name of a famous person, someone that everybody would know, that is dead. Warn them not to put down the names of truly evil people like Hitler or Stalin. Have them fold the papers into quarters and mix them up.

    Explain that the Navajo Indians believe that a persons name is one with their spirit. However, the Navajos did not have a written language, it was only when colonists encountered them that their words were phonetically transcribed using the Latin alphabet. As a result, the Navajo would never write a persons name down because it took part of that persons spirit.

    Take each paper one a time and waive it over the flames. Close your eyes to sense the spirit of the person who's name is written down. Declare that the first one is a person that is alive. Hand it to a spectator to open the slip and confirm that the person is still alive. Do the same with the second slip. With the third slip you sense nothing. Comment that it is strange and go to the fourth slip without opening the third slip. Sense that the person named on the fourth slip is alive. Have a spectator verify that the person is indeed alive. Then explain that you want to see if there is a connection between a person's name and their spirit.

    "The Navajo believe that to summon a spirit there are four essential elements - fire, smoke, sky and earth. In their language, ko', lid, ya and ni'. You wrote down the name, so I want you to put it into the fire. As the smoke rises to the sky, think of the name but don't say it. [As the paper catches fire, you chant] ko' lid ya ni', ko' lid ya ni'. To bring the spirit to earth you must combine earth with the fire and the smoke. [you grab some dirt and throw it on the fire and as the fire glows purple and crackles you chant] ko' lid ya ni', ko' lid ya ni'. Can you sense a presence? I sense a presence. [Close your eyes and say] Yá'át'ééh ak'is [which translates hello friend - don't explain what it means, let them ask afterwards]. I sense the spirit of a man, who died In his 50s. He died almost a hundred years ago. His name is Erik, but he is known by another name. He says that he couldn't escape death..."

    You go on to talk about the famous person without saying their name until it is clear who it is. Then say "Ah-sheh'heh tchin'dihou" [thank you spirit - again, don't explain what it means] and then throw some leaves on the fire and reverse the chant, "ni' ya lid ko', ni' ya lid ko', ni' ya lid ko'. Close your eyes and bow your head, part in respect and part in exhaustion. Hopefully, everyone packed a change of underwear.

    Or you could have a selected card come to the top of the deck repeatedly every time someone snaps their fingers until your fellow campers yell, "make it stop." :)

    CAVEAT: This is the type of effect that you need to do correctly. It can't be played off as a joke or a trick. You can't put it between two card tricks. It should stand alone. It has to be presented as real. You need a strong believable character. You also need a backstory of how you know this. The most believable is that you read a book on Navajo beliefs and ceremonies. If the people you are camping with don't know what you do during this school year, explain that one of your friends is Navajo and you met his grandmother who would tell amazing stories.

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