Can anyone Do the Tudor Cut 2?

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  1. Hi i have been practising this cut for a while now and can almost fo the table part no problem but doing the other stuff in the other hand as well haha well as Brian said "Its F***ing Impossible" and i want to know has anyone matched him at this cut or even put a vid of them doing it
  2. if mr. tudor says it's impossible then it really takes a lot of effort to master it.
  3. I try as much as possible.

    The Tudor Cut 2 (Performed by me)
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  4. Noob question:

    Are there tutorials in the Showoff DvDs or it's just the performance?
  5. Hey SandFox,

    Brian does teach the particular moves on the DVD's as far as Show Off Vol 1 & 2 are concerned. Vol 1 is a bit raw but you can get by because he teaches just enough to where after you back it up and re-watch it a few times then you can get it down. Vol 2 is slightly better it's more watchable but you can forget about production quality on either although again, it's better on Vol 2 than Vol 1.

    Now we venture into Show Off Vol 3 ... o_O

    The explanations are bad, really bad, making Vol 1 & 2 look like they were produced by George Lucas. During his "explanation" of the 'Tudor Production' he takes roughly 8 to 9 seconds to describe finger positions and then says "Good luck." His move 'Rev 5' he takes a whopping 26 seconds (I counted) to explain it.

    His attitude in this one (which to me is hysterical) is very poor. You can clearly see he is aggravated or at least pretending to be and goes on diatribes about himself being original and makes some less than savory comments about his peers. Also, if you enjoy excess profanity then you get that as well.

    I enjoy watching him preform and I like what he can do, but as for the person he projects himself to be and as a teacher, he leaves much to be desired especially in Vol 3, in my opinion.

    Oh, and if you're down to is he, just sayin'! You can ask anybody! (if you can make it to the end of Vol 3 without turning it off, you'll understand)

    || Steven
  6. Tudor also makes some great points in Show Off 3. He's arrogant and volatile, sure, but he talks about things all cardists (and artists) should think about.

    For example, at one point he says (and I'm paraphrasing): "To be great, you must have an eye for what is good. Practice things that will pay off."
  7. Thank you Steven, I asked about it because I saw that the Showoff 3 longs like 26 mins in the description of the product in my usual online-magic store. So I was not sure if in 26 mins there can be tutorials for 7 -8 flourish...

    I think I will buy it, it's on sale anyway ^^
  8. You're most welcome.

    I recommend buying it if for no other reason than sheer entertainment , I honestly got a few laughs out of it, especially the part where he says the Charlie cut sucks. Haha

    And wZEnigma is right, he does make some good points despite his vengeful tone.

    || Steven

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