Can I do card tricks in talents show?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ilovestreetmagic, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. i will do this by calling any random audience to come on stage to perform card tricks to them.
    will this be exposed by cameras every where ?
    or just perform card flourishes ?
  2. It would help to know more about this. How big of a group how many cameras. Can you control where they shoot from. Is the stage elevated or is everyone looking down at you. Also more cohesion in your typing will help us.
  3. How big is this talent show? It is usually quite rare to have multiple cameras filming you from different angles. The size and shape of the stage will also have a big effect.
  4. Unless there is somewhere they can project it, I highly discourage it, I wasn't expecting as many as there were last year when I did a card effect.. It was projected to be somewhere from 150-200 and a total of 700 were there, People were packed in, make sure you go through a run through with the lighting and how it will be, last year it was pitch black but one huge stage light which blinded me completely, overall a terrible performance, this is why I have picked up some stage effects, as well as some mentalism.
  5. If you do something with jumbo cards will probably be the best bet for you if you want to stick with card tricks. But I'd highly suggest getting some stage props. I believe at Magic Geek they have a stage magic set which comes with an assortment of different stage tricks that are really good. Also I'd suggest doing maybe rope tricks. Another thing I want to add is if you want to do a card trick, try learning the six card repeat. It uses normal sized playing card but it can play huge if you perform it right.

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