Can I make a color change its own trick????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BlueSpade1000, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Okay.....

    I have been getting sick of doing card tricks the same way all the time. I always make them pick a card, and then I reveal the card in many different ways. I know many color changes ,so i was wondering with good patter can a color change be its own trick by itself.

    For example using the Ego change: Okay you see this all I have to do is wave my hand over the deck and the card changes to an ace right before your eyes.......

    I know way to many color changes ,and it would be cool if each change was its own trick.
  2. Crazy idea: Learn something other than a card trick. Or learn card tricks with different plots aside from them "picking a card". Because it's the same effect every time; "And the three changes into your card again!".
  3. I'm sorry but I do not get what you mean at the end of your post. Do you mean I should do three color changes in one "pick a card" trick?
  4. Try learning tricks like Triumph, Card Warp, some sandwich effects, Cards across - they are all nice classic tricks with completely different plots than color changes. :)
  5. Thanks but I know all of these tricks.....I just wanted to expand my arsenal of card tricks ,because I know a very large amount of color changes that I want to start using regularly.
  6. I guess you could try to come up with a story where card change if ALL you wanted to do was color changes in the routine. (Which is what I'm getting from this post). But don't just try to increase your arsenal of card tricks. Increase your aresenal of ideas. Try to take things in new directions and keep your magic fresh.
  7. Can you make a color change it's own trick?

    In a word, no. A color change isn't effect by itself. And good patter is more than just saying what you are doing. As Jakubr said, learn some other material which uses sleights other than color changes. Expand your horizons.
  8. *Double Turnover*

    Magician: Could you tell me the name of this card?
    Spectator: That's the 2 of hearts.
    Magician: Could you hold your hand out for me, nice and flat? Thank you very much. I'm going to put the 2 of hearts into your hand. Watch closely. *Snap*. Turn over the card.
  9. The only magician i know of who made a routine of color changes was nate leipzig if you
    want to read more on it its in the leipzig book pg.38
  10. You'll never know if you never try. If you get good reactions then keep doing it, if it gets bad reactions keep working on it.
  11. I would argue that an effect like Sleeping Queen is essentially a colour change effect, although admittedly not in a conventional manner - it doesn't use a conventional card sleight and the card doesn't change colour. But if you actually think about what happens in the most bare bones sense...

    I'm not sure if this is a good example or not, since the effect got mixed reviews, but I personally find the effect to be simple, poetic, and ultimately effective in a very intimate setting.
  12. I agree with formula, give it a try, if it goes well stick with it.

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