Can someone explain this trick?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Antonio Diavolo, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Okay so I know exposure is against forum rules but this trick has been bugging the hell out of me for the past few days.

    So my friend told me he wanted to show me a magic trick and borrowed my pen. I know he didn't switch it out for a gimmicked one or anything because I break off the clips on the caps and he didn't do anything suspicious with it. Anyway, he held it between his fingers and started to shake it lightly and my pen started to bend and wobble as if it were made of rubber. He handed it back to me immediately and it was totally solid. I know they make flexible pencils and stuff but this was my pen and I'm almost 100% positive it wasn't a gimmick.

    How did he do this?!? I was thinking some sort of magnets or mirrors were used but I am truly stumped! Thanks guys!
  2. Since this is not a marketed trick, I do not believe I would be breaking the Forum rules to explain it. It is an oldie but goodie which I believe is sometimes referred to as "The Rubber Pencil." It is really a very convincing optical illusion, as you saw first-hand. (It can be done with a spoon as well).

    Start by gripping the pen at one end of it - almost at the very tip. Put your thumb on top and your index finger below, but hold it in a very loose grip, so that when you move your hand up and down slightly in a vertical motion, the pen kind of bounces up and down. if you are right-handed, you would turn to your right so the spectator would have a horizontal view of the pen. Now, continuously move your hand up and down vertically, about 2-3 inches up and 2-3 inches down, while at the same time letting the pen bounce up and down between your thumb and index finger. The combination of the up and down vertical motion of your hand, together with the bouncing motion of the pen between your fingers gives the illusion it is bending like rubber. Try it in front of the mirror until you see that it looks like it's bending. You may need to experiment a bit, as there is a bit of a knack to it, but you will hit the sweet spot and fool yourself with it.

    Have fun and I hope this helps1
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  4. Are you seriously going to try and troll a magician forum with this low brow stuff?
  5. You may want to look at the date, buddy.
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  6. As Penn & Teller say.... APRIL FOOLER!
  7. Son... of... of... a-!

    You know I avoid social media and the internet for good reason on April 1st. Damn if this one didn't catch up to me.
  8. Nice one Antonio! :)
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