Can someone help me figure out how this was done?

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  1. So my girlfriend in India is having an open mic night where people come and perform whatever they feel like. This one mentalist comes up and performs this card trick where he asks her to think of a card, which he somehow guesses. That's not the trick, the real one was he made her call me and made me guess the card. Now there's two versions to this story. 1) My version: when on the call (While the show was going on), he said hello and then told me the premise. Then told me he's gonna give me a list of numbers of which one of them was her card. When he gave me the list, all I heard was 4. I felt like the call was muted. I told him I couldn't hear him clearly and he said he'd repeat it again. Again, I only heard 4. Muted before and after. Then he did the same with the suit. Muted. I heard 'Clubs' and then muted again. I figured he was muting it and so i played along when he asked me to guess the card and I said '4 of clubs'. 2) my girlfriend's version: So they heard him repeat all the numbers while holding the phone flat on his phone (Without touching the screen or the sides 'cause i thought he muted it secretly, which she guarantees he didn't). while i felt i was on mute, he'd also told them that he'd hypnotise me so that i'd forget everything else he said and i'd only remember the 4 of clubs, which is obviously bullshit according to me. However, I won't be able to prove it to her 'cause she's so sure that he couldn't have muted it and that he tricked me into guessing her card.

    I do agree that he played it smartly knowing i'd succumb to the pressure (that's what mentalists like derren brown do apparently) when he asked again if i heard him properly. In my head, I was thinking "I don't want to spoil the show, so i'll tell him yes".

    Can anyone please tell me how he could have done it? I can answer more questions if you have any. This is killing me and my girlfriend's insistence that he used speech patterns to make me forget everything else is pissing me off so much.

    Not sure if it's an appropriate question to ask, but if it isn't, I apologise.
  2. Why are you so determined to spoil her good time?
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  3. Some men don't want anything logical like money and power.
    Some men just want to watch the world burn.
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  4. I bet he's told her Santa isn't real either...
  5. You guys have a point. I may have robbed her of the fun by taking away the sense of wonder and escapism that magic or tricks like these bring by thinking way too much about it. Never thought of it that way, damn. I just really wanted to figure it out.

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