Can you levitate? Really?

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  1. After i perform a few hard hitting card effects for a few random people, they ask me some weird questions like: "Can u levitate ?", "Can u perform card through window?", "can u make this certain people vanish?", sometimes they are just joking but when they are serious and are waiting for a response, i don't know what to say.

    So my question is how do u deal with these type of situation ?
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    you could say something like this.

    Yes of course. But to do that i need a camera crew, a green screen, a good cutter and a fake audience!

    Than you ask.

    Maybe it will work with just the fake audience... Are you fake?

    Probably they say: NO!

    So you response: You're not? Oh well... then my magic have to be real!
  3. Funnily enough, I got asked the same question today, at a party I was performing at.

    The spectator said, "But can you levitate?"

    But [fortunately] for me, this guy was the 'jokester [funny guy]' of the party, haha. I was performing tricks for him beforehand, and his reactions were priceless. Me-"...was your card, the 5 of Spades?" Spec. [shaking head]-" son of a b!tch!" Haha.

    Pretty fun time, there.
  4. ya same situation today at a party its stupid they always ask for levitating or card through window
  5. I always get that... Can you fly, cut someone in half or make someone vanish... oh boy it is so annoying, and they actually think they are funny by saying it. I just kinda give them a weired look like wtf? haha
  6. Sigh... I think you people are looking at this the wrong way.

    If you're a magician and you've been performing to people, there almost no doubt that you'll be requested to do something. "Can you make me disappear?" "Can you levitate?" "Could you change my one into a hundred?" And all you people think to do is to be annoyed by those comments and say WTF?!

    Think about it. After hearing those comments hundreds of times, don't you notice a pattern? No? Well maybe the fact that EVERYONE will ask those questions to you?!

    The reason these questions come up is because those are the tricks that they think magicians should be able to do. Those are the tricks that they've seen other magicians do and have remembered. And any magic trick that has been stuck in their mind for that long is bound to be one of the best tricks in the world.

    This may come as a surprise to all of you. Get ready for it. A spectator would rather to change $1 to $20 than have you find their card between two aces.

    :eek: WHAT?!

    Yes, that's the truth. If you're going to be a performer, whether it be professionally or not, you have to realize that fact. Most of the simplest and easiest tricks that you learned in your first week are some of the strongest trick out there. Levitations, Bill Switch, Card Thru Window. Those are the tricks that spectators remember the most. You can do the most hyper-visual and difficult trick that took you years to master and people will likely forget it by the next day. Pull a coin out of their ear, and they'll remember it for the rest of their life.

    So my point is, you have to listen to your audience. Because whenever they ask you a question like that, what they're really saying is this "If you can really do magic, why dont you do something that's actually amazing?"

    So just remember these things that i've said whenever you get asked a question like that again. Also, be sure to remember any tricks that you've performed that spectator's remember. For example, i've performed the Biddle trick to many people and they've always remember it. Every time they're in one of my crowds, they'll say "Hey, do that trick where like the card flies into the deck."

    I hope you were able to follow all of that. If you did, just remember the information and keep it in mind when you're performing. If you didnt, go back and re-read all of it. Trust me, this information will help you excel not only as a magician, but as an entertainer as well. (which will help you excel in making lots of $$$) =)
  7. Well you could of course by levitation effects off of ellusionist...(not recommended)
    Also you could ignore them...:( or you could make up some sort of patter since you get asked so often...or...just say "no"
  8. Becuase magicians can do anything. Or at least given the idea that magicians could do anything.
    Endless card tricks bore an audiences.And it doesnt help that most magicians have the personality of a brick.
    Thats why they ask you for these types of tricks. Because if the magician cant entertain them,then he cant at least do a huge spectacle like levitation no matter how shallow the performance.
  9. There's another reason that happens. You haven't made any sort of impact as a person. Frankly, they don't care about you as a person. You haven't shown them who you are, only that your two aces have sandwiched a card. Therefore, the only reference they have in interacting with you is their image of a generic (better - sorry) magician.

    Show your personality, and you won't get the questions any more.
  10. Actually, I get this quite a bit myself. I now carry a few loose tic-tacs in my pocket whenever I go out and perform. Whenever somebody asks me this question, I just reach into my pocket and give them a couple tic-tacs while saying, "Piece of cake man, just swallow these pills and meet me back here in twenty minutes!"
    People seem to think this is extremely funny. Just don't use this line when performing for law enforcement!
  11. Yes, that too. You bring up a good point.

    After a performance, the audience should remember your magic, not anyone else's
  12. Stop sucking. If they seriously want you to levitate, you're not as hard-hitting as you think you are.

    Until actual humor can be found, please enjoy this substitute.

    This is why I generally don't like card magicians. "I don't care if you want to see something that impresses you! You sniveling philistines will watch me do an ace assembly, and you will ****ing like it!"
  13. Say,

    "Yeah, how do you think I get out of bed?"

    (Specs) ""DO it then!""

    "Well if I do it will turn your nostrals inside out...."
  14. Not really a joke either. More like Tourette's syndrome.
  15. sheesh. Do you guys really use even half of these bad attempts at jokes?
  16. Solve the problem by actually learning a levitation method. Seems like it would actually be the best method of solving the problem.
  17. So the next time someone ask me if i can cut a person in half ... i should learn that too ... ?!

    That's not a good way to deal with it
  18. Seriously! All this "advice" is so WORTHLESS!
  19. Its already been said. If they want to see you levitate,your card magic/character/performance is weak and uninteresting.
  20. Cause your first post here was so helpful.
    Dont judge unless your ready to be judged.

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