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  1. Just a quick note for all Canadian shoppers on T11, avoid the UPS option. It looks cheaper, but there's a $40+ "brokerage fee" that I had no idea about that UPS charges. It sucks. Big time.

    I've bought from t11 before and i guess i never used UPS because I've never had to pay those ridiculous fees that are 40% of my whole order. I wasn't home and the other person wouldn't pay, so I'll have to go to the depot tommorow to pick it up, but needless to say, I'm not too thrilled.

    Just an FYI. Hopefully they'll remove that option in the future.

  2. Really, that sucks, T11 doesn't though right? How can you tell what site do and don't
  3. Canadamagic, it's a UPS thing, not a T11 (or any other company) thing.

    Sadly, UPS was the company I first starting shipping with, so I just assumed that every company charged the fee. I assumed it was a border crossing fee that was unavoidable. Then I opted for USPS shipping one time, on an order that was almost $200, and the fee to bring it over was only $5 (plus about $7 in GST).

    I've always used USPS since then, and it's served me well.

    Note: Before, when I was researching this, even Ebay buyers in Canada have discussed this at length. UPS is very bad for their importing. They really gouge you on this fake-ass fee.

    Also note: You can avoid the fee by saying you want to fill out the border crossing paperwork yourself, and they HAVE to let you, even if they have already done it! That just means you have to redo the paperwork, and drop it off at a border place (not an actual border, but a place that deals with importing stuff over the border). I suggest Googling this, as I am not an expert (I read about it a while ago on a forum from a disgruntled Ebay buyer who did this himself--he DOES outline the process, though).
  4. Very informative post. This charge was, in fact, from UPS directly. For a complete list of additional fees that may apply to international packages, see the following link:
  5. Spend less then 100 dollars and you should be fine for the extra charges. Over 100 dollars then the broker at the boarder will want a cut from what ever the merchandise is worth.

    Your suppose to be at the border to collect the merchandise but since thats impossible the parcel gets assigned a broker and if he see's that the parcel is worth 1000 dollars he gets a cut for shuffeling the paperwork around.

    It sucks but ahh well. I usually only use UPS if im buying something over 300 dollars. or under 100.
  6. well, yeah, i hope i was clear enough in my first post, but i wasn't blaming t11 at all. It's all UPS.

    I just want any other Canadians to know that, so that they don't choose that option. I'm researching the customs thing now....
  7. Looking at the chart, it doesn't look accurate at all. I've had an order over $750 before (it was for more than one person, not just myself, heh), and the customs charge (minus the taxes that we pay as Canadians) was around $200. There must be other hidden fees that they incorporate into the "brokerage fee" (maybe only at certain values?) that we see at the door, because those seem like low-ball estimates to me.
  8. I work for a small mom & pop dot-com, as a marketer, web-savvy programming type, and liaison to nearly all of that store's international clients. The store I work for sells to a niche market that isn't as much fun as what T-11 sells.

    We will flat out refuse to ship anything to Canada by UPS unless our clients beg. It is pretty much a last resort for large items that need rush delivery, and then we warn the client about the brokerage fees. In my nearly 8 years working with that store, I have seen perhaps three items go to Canada by UPS.

    The Postal Service, on the other hand, is much less expensive. They have a more down to earth and realistic customs charge, and that's just about it. Plus, the actual shipping charges for Priority Mail are extremely easy to work with and calculate. The only downside there is that, even by Priority Mail, packages tend to sit in customs for about 3 days.

    My experience even from the US side is that USPS is almost always the better way to go.
  9. Thats unfortunate. Thanks for the info
  10. just a little addition...

    I went to pick up my package today from the depot (i didn't have the cash on hand at the door) and the guys right in front of me got busted for picking two packages of drugs. The police ran in and shouted "You're under arrest!" and tackled the guys.

    All this hassle for 2 dozen decks of cards...

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