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  1. Hi everyone!! Today, I'm going to review Cannibal by Kevin Reylek, which I think it is an amazing trick.

    The effect is simple, and that's where power resides in... The spectators see, with no funny moves, a cannibal card. A court card is shown, and you say its a cannibal. Not tu run any risk (hahaha) you lose it into the pack. Then a card is selected and lost. When you spread the deck, the card that's next to the cannibal (which is face up) has a bitten corner. That card is the spectators card. To demonstrate that the story is real, you divide the cannibal, and between the layers of the card, the missing corner is found. WOW!

    The method involves a gimmick that you must construct. Keving explains how to do it really well. Every time you perform the effect, you need to set up 2 cards.

    The quality of the video is awesome. The audio is also very good.

    But there's a think I don't understand... Why is the DVD 2 bucks more expensive? I have the DL and I can say both include the same, since the DL also includes the artwork for you to print.

    Without a doubt, this is an effect you have to buy.

  2. DVD's more expensive because you have to pay for the physical materials, such as the box, the actual DVD, and the artwork of the case that comes with the box.
  3. Hey man! Thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying the effect. Sabor is right-on with the price difference. The materials to make the DVD cost more than offering a download. However, it's really not a price increase from download to DVD. The download is offered at a reduced price from the DVD :)

    If anyone has any questions about Cannibal, I'll be happy to help out!
  4. Thanks for the review! I have been starting to do cannibal more and more even since we released it. The guys who have it don't need me to tell you about the reactions. In fact, I JUST performed this for family and it got better reactions then some other hardcore effects I did...kinda pissed me off but hey, i'll take it haha.

    Here is a tip when performing this that I have been doing. I put the warning label around the box. I then have the four kinds in the box and tell everyone I leave all the kings in the box because there cannibals bla bla bla...and then have the spectators choose which king to use. They can choose any which one since I have prepared them all the same way. This also is good to do if you want to repeat the effect. Now you can do it 4 times! Good stuffff


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