Can't figure out two methods... any help is appericated!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have two questions for us. I have been looking for these two methods, and I can't seem to find them. I have spent too much time, and money on gimmicks/methods that was not what I was looking for. I would love to add these two illusions to a small show I will do in front of my family and friends. So any help is much appreciated!

    1). I saw a magician take a fork and hold it in his hand. He then holds it up and begins to bend it with "his mind". Not holding the fork in the middle. At the very end with the prongs facing up. He just held the fork up, and then the fork started bending towards him and it would break apart. I have Liquid metal, and that doesn't seem to be it. I have gotten the "blossom" trick and that wasn't what I saw as well. I would LOVE to know where I can find this/purchase this trick but I have no idea where to go.

    2). Where can I find the book/gimmick/method etc for this crazy number trick. I think I may have found it in a Karl Folves self working number book, but it's not quite what I saw in a magician's show.This trick goes like this... random people are selected, they give their birthday (example 07/31), 12 people would give him these numbers and you would add all of them up on your phone calculator. The magician then showed you a number he had in his show the entire time, which is what all of the spectator's numbers added up to.

    Again, any help as to where I can find and buy this information would be much appericated! I have been trying to find this stuff for quite some time. Thanks again folks!
  2. The second one is an application of the TOXIC principle.
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  3. Follow up question then... what would you all recommend purchasing for the TOXIC principle? Is this a commonly accessible resource? Thanks again:)
  4. Click on the highlighted link in my prior post. Also, a Google search for "Toxic Force" will yield links to various products and, yes, the method.
  5. 1) There are dozens of ways to do metal bending. It would be easier to tell if I saw his presentation of it.
    2) As RealityOne said, this is definitely the TOXIC principle.
  6. My follow question is there a method of toxic that doesn’t have set up? The performer I saw had everyone pull out their phone from their pocket and immediately go into their calculator. Where could I find no set up for toxic? I’ve just found all setup work. Thanks again for the help thus far:)
  7. So he had everyone type in the birthdays, add them up, and it all turned out to be the number that had been on stage the whole time?

    Then it isn't TOXIC, although TOXIC is super useful for closeup. As far as I know, there is no way to do TOXIC with no set up, especially on multiple phones. There are other ways to force a number or seemingly force a number.

    Was the number in view the whole time or was it covered up? What was it written on? Was it just addition of the birthdays or was there an extra step?

    Once again, it would be easier to give you an answer if I had a video of the performance.

    Edit: I know you probably don't have a video. I'm just saying it's hard to give an answer without knowing the exact conditions and details of a performance.
    Plus the human mind can unintentionally leave out or exaggerate certain details of a magic performance.
  8. Yeah shucks I may have just missed a detail or two. He had the number in plain sight the whole time, but it was backwards and apart of a picture. Only at the end did he reveal it, and only then did you realize it was out in the open the entire time. But yeah he selected random people and they gave him their birthdays, and at the end he had everyone add everything up and it was the number described above.

    Thanks for the help:) I’ll maybe one day be able to figure out those two things haha I’ll post another forum one day if I get more information!:)
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  9. Just keep looking and maybe you'll find what you're looking for :) Good luck mate!

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