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  1. Is there a fully impromptu, no set up, non gimmicked, unbent cap in glass bottle available?
  2. Yeah. You'd just have to go to Hogwarts to learn the spell to do it.

    If it's fully impromptu, with no setups and no gimmicks, you will bend the cap. That's just the fact of the matter.
  3. Hahaha,

    Now that would be real magic, wouldn't it?

    I particularly like DB's version, where he pours out a persons beer, penetrates the cap, then has the bottom pop off.

    Good stuff.
  4. yea there is no real trick liek that yet. you can come up with one maybe
    some cool cap in bottles, you can check out cola by axel, captured by justin miller. those involve the cap being unbent in bottles, Michael webber also does work on that plot. you can check out papercrane for a cap in bottle that bent, or prohibition cap in bottle ( the one david blaine does on his tv special (he also does devils coke bottle)
    those are the ones im familiar with.
    good luck man
  5. where can I get that trick?
  6. Why not just stick with W:H's Sinful? If you think about it, puting a signed coin into a sealed can is just as impressive as a cap into a bottle don't you think? The only difference is u see the cap through the clear bottle but I think showing the can completely sealed then cutting it open to show their signed coin inside makes the same impact on the spectator. Any thoughts?
  7. cause he asked for cap in glass bottles. if we were just going for bottle penetrations i could name a ton. but im trying to be helpful to what he wants.
  8. Given my colleagues' responses above, I think the more pertinent question is, is there a way to perform this in a way that looks impromptu, with no setups or gimmicks? I can think of a way that might work if fleshed out... I'm sure you can too, if you ask the right questions.

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