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    I have been working on a deck of cards for the last two months. After many different back designs I finally came up with a dragon back design. I wanted to know what you guys think, and what I could do to improve. There are several obvious things such as: a little whitewashed, it's uneven, and all that type of stuff. I know that, I drew this by hand and scanned it using a not-so-good printer.


    (Post-script: I am working on the aces right now.)
  2. I can't see the image :)
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    I know, but I had to go somewhere as soon as I had posted it so I couldn't fix it.
  4. I like it maybe add some scroll work where the blue is to add more detail but i like simple card backs so the dragons and stuff look cool.
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    I like simple designs too. Which is why I made it that way. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by scroll work (I think literally), do you mean swirly designs, or a literal scroll in the background? I'm assuming swirly designs.
  6. Scrollwork means swirly designs like you see on the back of Bicycle Standards.

    I think this has potential but it's lacking. I'm not a fan of one-way backs and this is one so for me personally I don't like that aspect. I good texture to the blue would probably help.
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    I didn't make it one way on purpose. I drew this, so it doesn't matter how good I do, it will always be uneven/one way. also, what do you think I should add to make it better? And by the way, it looks better in real life. By the way, that isn't the actual card, it's just the design (the white stuff is not the border, it's the paper).
  8. As I said before - it needs something in the blue to give it some texture. In my opinion. If you think it's a decent design then that's your decision, don't let other people dictate your artistic vision.
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  9. I'm open to ideas, that's why I asked.
  10. I finally managed to draw the back design on a computer. This is what it looks like now.
    Card back design.png
  11. Nate, it is good as a simple design. Those yellow and black drawing is a ribbon? If it is so perhaps it will be better to redraw the curves.

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