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  1. Hey,

    Only begin in magic, so i want to know the best way take the most of your card. i want my cards to last my money worth. What is the best habbits. Like i bought some guardians and they are already wearing out, maybe is my habbits or what. So any advice will be helpful.
  2. Buy a card clip. If you're really paranoid, wash your hands before using the cards.
  3. Fanning powder. Look into it.
  4. be gentle with cards

    be gentle with the cards. Vernon said something along the lines of the deck of cards being to the magician what the paintbrush is to the artist. You should treat your props gently.

    Avoid riffling the cards, and springing the cards too much. If you do the riffle shuffle, make sure to do it properly, without warping the cards.

    Wash your hands, I make a point to because my hands are so damn oily. Buy yourself a card clip for sure.
  5. is it better to use card clips rather than just using the deck's own box?

    just curious... never have one... ^_^
  6. Card clips keeps cards flat and unwarps them (like having them under heavy books). The box is only a box :)
  7. Card Clip (preferably a Porper), all the way. Especially crucial if you live in an area with high humidity - which is a plague on pasteboards.

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