Card change - wire worthy?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by wZEnigma, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Let me know what you guys think of this change. Jason England has helped me affirm its originality, and I've worked on it for quite a while. Honest feedback welcome!


  2. Wow that is an awesome idea, though I think its pretty obvious to how it is done to a CARD magician. I still think you should try to publish this on The Wire, I and I'm sure others would be interested on the mechanics of the moves.
  3. That's pretty awesome. I like the effect.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Do you think $4.95 would be a fair price point?
  5. $4.95 is too high i think ? i'd rather buy Above Ground by Jared Hansen (there's 3 color changes in 1 download) . just my opinion ! :)
  6. This is a move that I've been working on for two years and have refined the mechanics of it. It's a unique change that hasn't been explored before and could lead to new techniques. Do you still think $4.95 is too high? Just my two cents.
  7. 4.95... thats a crazy price, i know how u do it just by watchin... free is more like it lol and 2 years uve been workin on it... jeesh
  8. Obviously you're not a serious magician.
  9. Chill dude . he's just giving his honest feedback :D
    i think it's not high , assuming you include a couple of variations or applications of the change in the download !
  10. well i think what i said was and is the truth. your showing one color change and nothing more. if you included variations and some other apllications then maybe it would be worth 4.95...just my two cents....dont get mad get glad
  11. I appreciate its honesty, but what I meant was that he was not looking at the effect, but rather at the method. Serious magicians will ask, "How will this work for an audience?" Ones who are not will ask, "How easy is it to figure out? If so, I'm not buying it."

    It can actually be used as an invisible switch/control to bottom and a "surprise" sandwich/production, but the main product is the change. Do you believe it should sell for less?

    And heatedjeans, you realize you contradicted yourself, right?
  12. so if you included all the different variations like you stated then i believe the price your asking is appropriate and well priced. I was just critizing the effect because to me it looked like just a change and looked kinda boring, but looking back and seeing what you can actually do with it and how you can incorporate this with another sleight to intensify the effect is awesome.
  13. What do you mean by "incorporate this with another sleight to intensify the effect", exactly? An example, perhaps?
  14. i did not . I THINK it was not high because i ASSUMED you included variations and stuff :)
    if you did not include it in the download , i would say it's too high .
  15. Ah, I see what you mean now. So you believe Theory 11's changes are too high-priced as well?
  16. Have you released any other effects on The Wire, and if so, what did you price them at? If not, then I would without a doubt recommend putting it on for $0.99 if not free. For a few reasons. Regardless of the quality of the material, what really makes a huge difference on The Wire is the quality of the teaching. If you have not released anything previously, no one has any reason to trust that they will be paying $5 to learn from someone that knows how to teach. Before you try to make any sort of money, you need to establish credibility. If you think this effect is too good or too personal to be free, then I would suggest just waiting until you have something that you think is worth selling for free. Although this certainly seems like a fine place to start, if just by watching it people have figured out the method. Again, on the wire we are not paying money for the trick, we are paying money for the teaching. So if there is nothing left to teach, why bother paying? Now, you could get into an argument with me about respecting the creator and purchasing it to be a good magician, morally. Well, do you really want to start your reputation on the wire as someone to buy effects from out of what could be construed as pity? I'm not saying it is pity, but it could without a doubt be viewed as such.

    I understand where your coming from, and I understand a lot of effort has gone into this. You need to understand, that money is not the important thing on The Wire. If you release an awesome, well taught effect for free, people will want to see what you have to offer in the future. They will place stake on your name, your "brand," which is much, much more valuable than however much money you'd have earned otherwise.

    I'm sorry if I sound harsh.. but think about it this way, if you have to individually convince the people who have already responded to this thread that your effect is worth $4.95, then you sure as... heck? is that okay?... are not about to sell it to random magicians who just come across your effect.

    Also I picked up a sense of "I figured it out watching the clip, it doesn't deserve to be on the wire," from one or two responses on here. Please don't forget that whether or not you are able to figure it out, the only thing that matters is how it looks to spectators. Who cares if you can fool a magician with it, the only thing that matters is the spectator.

    As to whether or not this particular effect deserves to be on the wire, I'll have to let you know that tonight. The network I'm on doesn't allow Youtube or most streaming media.

  17. Interesting viewpoint. With that, though, I feel like some of the free tricks aren't as good as they could be, and I've made 5 dollar purchases on the Wire and hadn't regretted them. The teaching aspect is understandable, but the material is what magicians should be looking at. And I wouldn't say that I'm individually convincing people to sell it - I believe it sells itself. Perhaps it's not the best starting point, but it is my flagship creation.
  18. I think it looks great! I would gladly purchase that for $5.

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