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  1. Hey, guys. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a book or DVD (preferably a book) that focuses on card cheating rather than card magic. I'm not asking just so I can hustle people out of money or anything like that, but I thought it might be something to look into. Any info would be great!
  2. Well, Jason England has Foundations and I have heard that it is amazing. I hope to get it eventually.
  3. Foundations is a great place to start with gambling sleights...but if you want a "book" get "Expert At The Card Table" by S.W. Erdnase. Google it and you should find a few (legal) free downloads.
  4. Ive heard that Expert at The Card Table is good and it is not very expensive so I would get it.
  5. A great place to start is with the man who just may be the best card technician breathing today: Jason England. In terms of video instruction, he is tough to beat. Jason's videos were not intended to be your only source for instruction of each move, but his instruction is detailed, well produced, and very, very clear. You'll learn much more than just the technique - you'll learn the history and nuances, and even where you should go to learn more.
  6. Arthur Buckleys card control is a great book.
  7. No doubt Daniel is good with gambling sleights and I would recommend his deck switch e-book but as of yet he hasn't "published" much of his gambling work. I'd wait until he publishes his "How to Cheat at Cards" e-book before I recommend him to someone who is just starting out. His other work will open your eyes to the power of the gamblers cop. But, to date, most of published his work on that has been more for magical applications.
  8. I would recommend getting Mr England's superb Foundations DVDs, Erdnase (of course), and, if your budget can stretch to it, Richard Turner's The Cheat DVD.

    The first of these will give you excellent in depth teaching on moves which will really help build your confidence and open your eyes to the small subtleties of handling that change an OK sleight into an invisible move.

    The second is essential reading for all magicians, and it's free, so there's no excuse. The Expert at the Card Table is something you'll return to over and over again throughout the years, always learning something new.

    The third, while not the most effective teaching tool, really helped me realise just how far card artifice could be taken. Richard demonstrates a whole host of cheating techniques, and will inspire you to push yourself to your limits to master the craft.
  9. This book is so difficult to read for me. I started to work through it but then gave up so that I could work on other stuff first.

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