card cheating, what do you think about it

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  1. what do you think about card cheating , i ve been a card cheater for 3 years now , by saying that I mean that i made some money playing poker using card cheating techniques. I want to ask you if somebody can share some similar experience
  2. Hello headkick! I think that with any cheating your only cheating yourself. its better to win on your own skills than to cheat. With cheating you cant expect to get any better. I hope this helps and have a good day!
  3. I personally agree with Hayden TO AN EXTENT. Card cheating in my mind is wrong if you win money with it. I find it useful in card magic and no-money games. But showing that you won money with using the cheats kind of gives a somebody the feeling that you are really good with cards and sleight of hand. With friendly games that I play with my buddy's, I cheat a little bit.
  4. Headkick,

    With people like Daniel Madison becoming incredibly popular in our community, the idea of a card cheat has been increasingly glorified. Despite Madison's murky past and absolutely no real evidence that he has ever cheated anyone out of any money during a game of cards, he claims to be a "rehabilitated" card cheat. It is hard to believe such claims when the man demonstrates sleights plagued by bad habits, and clearly (to anyone with experience with cards) he was trained as a magician and not a cheat.

    I have been a card manipulator for over a dozen years. Many times I have "cheated" friends during a neighborhood game of free money poker. Could I then claim to be a card cheat? Many times I have won propositional bets for money from my friends using a deck of cards. Does that make me a card cheat?

    To come out and say, "I am a card cheat and have been for three years; I have won money by cheating people. Does anyone else have a similar experience?" screams, "look at me!" much in the same way Daniel Madison's ridiculous story of his past does. To come out and say such things, to me, implies that you do not know what you are talking about.

  5. I don't think you should cheat to win money. Now if your just hanging out and joking around with friends when there is no money in play it might be fun. I think peoples card skills should be used for good and not bad. Cheating and winning money that way could be like stealing money.

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