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  1. First of all - where can I find good top and bottom palm replacements?
    Secondly - where can I find books (or any other resources) on card cheating? Specifically poker. I don't mean sleights, I mean execution tips like misdirection and techniques for not a rousing suspicion.) I'd like to state that I don't intend on actually cheating,'it's just an interesting topic that no one ver really goes into much detail about
  2. You can just buy a basic book on card magic like Card College. It will not learn you about card cheating demonstration but it will learn you about basic controls, false cuts etc. And how to do it proberly with misdirection. Joseph Barry also have some very good cheating demonstrations on his Inscrutable dvd set. :)
  3. Card magic I can do. Gambling demonstrations I can do. I mean books specifically suited to the psychology based on cheating
  4. Darwin Ortiz
  5. In my honest opinion I don't think any tangible resource can come close to presenting the psychology and mindset of a hustler in action better than Robert Prus' "Road Hustler." This may not be exactly what you're looking for but it's certainly a good start.
  6. Of course, Road Hustler is quite expensive and rare. Unfortunately, I don't think I can offer an alternative, but I would start by getting to know the game(poker) itself extremely well. This way, you can know what movements are considered natural, when attention is focused where, etc.
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    Several copies available starting at only $35. . It typically sells between $75 and $130, which even at that price is a bargain considering the information it contains.

    It is also widely available in many libraries since it's essentially a scholarly, academic text in psychology and sociology. Four libraries within 40 miles of me carry it.
  8. Thanks guys, this is useful stuff!
  9. Darwin Ortiz has some useful stuff on actual card cheating, but in most cases it isn't really talked about, especially the psychology of it. Tony Giorgio talks a lot about when he was an actual cheater in his DVD set The Ultimate work.

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