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  1. I was just wondering, whats the point of a card clip? I was about to get one from E and then i started to question if i really need it. What's it for? Is it just for you to look cool when you take out your cards? Cuz to me, you'd look like you're too addicted to cards rather than make you look cool. Is it to just protect the card box? Cuz i really dont care my box condition as much as my card condition. So is there any other reason for a card clip? Do you recommend getting one? Thanks!
  2. It protects the cards and prevents them from warping. Totally worth it, even my guardians aren't warped with its extremely waxy finish
  3. card clip

    The card clip works like an iron on your cards if one is bent, leave the deck plus four or five cards and in the morning it will be strait. Also the card case increases the life of your cards. I have one and i love it, and if people see you take it out they will ask if you are a professional at tricks and will most likely ask you to do one. I say if you have the money get it.
  4. yea its to keep cards nice and the box nice.
    deff get one. its worth every penny
  5. yeah what they said!

    only real men use these, but i still don't have one
  6. Like the others said a clip will keep the cards nice, but if you want it to straigten your cards make sure to get the porper clip because the steel ones will just protect them, not straighten them.
  7. get them from DnD
    when i got my ellusionist clips, they had some rough edges which scratched the box :(
    plus, it wouldnt make sense if you had a special design on the front if it didnt match the design on the box (i.e. a regular bike deck or a smoke and mirror)
    So i would stick to the porper or classic clip
    unless u dont rle care about the box as you've said; and u think the E clips look cool
    i dont think all of them were made with rough edges, I guess i was just unfortunate. bleh.
  8. There's a difference between Porpers/Classics and E Regular Card Clips - regulars are just designed to protect the cards in your pocket from heat and hence warping (as well as basic box protection from getting squashed and stuff, Porpers straighten in addition to this.
  9. You don't need an expensive one. I've gotta plain silver metal one from my only local dealer, on a local market.
    Its got no fancy pictures, but only cost £5... Sure it's not a sexy black one, but with the money saved I can buy a few decks of cards or something.
    But they are deffinatly worth getting they keep your box and deck in much better conditions especially through warm/humid conditions.
  10. I don't recommend it, I got one to protect my pack when I carry it around all day in my pocket, and so that empty box won't get squashed. What happens though is that it only fits with certain packs, only with then thin-stocks if I am not mistaken. Without know that at first, and using it with my Ghosts, the cards began to clump, and and the pack had to be forced into the card guard and ended up being scratched up.
  11. It's important to do your research. Some won't fit some decks, but a larger size that will fit is available. That's not really the product's fault, it's kinda yours...
  12. I have two Porpers, one for regular size stocks and one for the thick stock cards. They do WONDERS for straightning and extending the life of cards. I have a shadow masters deck that I have been abusing for over 3 months, and it STILL fans nice! But as mentioned, get the Porpers for that, the "E" clips are just for "show", and protecting them in your pocket...

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