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Jun 13, 2013
I am considering getting myself a card clip on ebay simply because its so much cheaper there, however I was wondering whether or not it really does help that much. For anyone who has one, does it really help keep them like new? I know they keep the cards flat but Im more interested in the overall life of the cards, does it prevent clumping? does it handle better over time? What? Thanks in advance for any help.
Jan 4, 2014
Hey tyler,

great question with card clips i just have to say one word to describe them "AMAZING". They do wonders for me and magicians that i know personally. First off they help your cards not get damaged when they fall, get smashed, or for what ever reason thrown when in the card clip. Now for the box not so much, it shows the signs of wear and tear but the cards stay in great condition longer then usual.

Secondly, when ever your cards get warped and you ask how to fix that you are almost always gonna get told to place them under some heavy books for several hours. With a card clip you eliminate the need of the heavy books, as the card clip simulates the heavy books from the force of the clip pinching down on the deck, and you eliminate the need of several hours since you can walk around with them in your pocket.

Finally, my personal favorite is that you can have the cards with you and in your pocket (i like to hold them in my back pocket) and they will not get warped because of the heat from your leg or anything because the clip is pinching those suckers down the whole time to keep them straight.

In all the card clip is a great way to go because they do expand the life of cards, i cant say an exact number because everyone handles cards different, for the fact that they protect the cards when not in use and straighten them. It will be well worth your money i can tell you that much.

I hope this helps.
Nov 1, 2007

If you're seeing clips on eBay that are "much cheaper" than the Porpers you find on the major magic vendors' sites, then they're not going to increase the longevity of the cards at all - they're just decorative box-protectors.

Porper clips provide a specific pressure evenly across a standard USPCC deck of cards and essentially keep them from warping. A clip will also "fix" a deck that is mildly warped or just used often.

They're expensive, but don't screw up and buy the knockoff. You're just gonna end up buying the real thing anyway when you realize those cheap clips don't do anything for the cards themselves.



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May 28, 2008
The card clips definitely increase the longevity of a deck of cards, but like it's been mentioned, be sure to go with a Porper clip. I got a nice one by Dan and Dave as a gift, but even the simple ones will do the job.

The best difference they make is in humidity. With the constant pressure, the cards tend to warp less. They just don't have the room to. However, if you are tough on a deck of cards like most of us are, they will, of course, still wear out relatively quickly. Just not AS quickly.

Also, I've personally noticed that while great for the cards themselves, clips can be a little rough on the boxes. If the box is a designer type thing and you care about it looking nice, I'd avid clipping it.

Overall, I do recommend the investment.


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Sep 22, 2013
Nacogdoches, Texas

Ryan offers pretty amazing custom clips, porper based and vault based clips as well as other misc goods! I love the clip he's made me and will be ordering more from him in the future. Clips have become a must for me, especially being in Texas humidity, cards are damaged so quickly and warped almost immediately when not using a clip.
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