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  1. Hi all,

    I just purchased the first Card College volume, and I’m thinking about purchasing the second one as well, however, I have a few questions before I spend $40 on it. I already know a few of the slights taught in the second book, however, the chapter on Misdirection is what really intrigued me. Could someone give me just a basic overview of what kind of information I’ll learn in the misdirection chapter (of course without revealing any information, I just want a basic overview if it’s worth my money just for the chapter on misdirection)
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  2. It is indeed....

    I read it a while ago when I had my first set of Card College Roberto Giobbi points you in all sorts of directions as far as misdirection is concerned gives you tips and sources ... I ordered the 5 volume series again(Yes that's right... again) Sold my first set for some odd reason. And I am starting from Volume 1 again. It is indeed worth the money if you want to perform great card magic!! Expert Card Technique also has a great homage to the subject of misdirection at the end of the book. Hope this helps. All the best. :)
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  3. All the Card College books are a great purchase. You won't regret buying all five books. Read me now thank me later! ​
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  4. I'm currently rereading the Card College Series. And coincidentally on volume 2. It's well worth the money. I can't recommend the Card College Series enough. I enjoy the Card College Series more than Royal Road, honestly. And I'm sure some people will debate me on that one. But I enjoy reading it way more and I always seem to get more out of it.
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