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Jul 27, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
I recently got Card College Light, Lighter, and Lightest as a gift. I already have all five Card College books. I am well passed the stage of doing sleightless tricks, so I don't think I will read them all cover to cover. So my question is are there any tricks that are really good and I should take a look at? Or maybe you think I should read them all cover to cover. Either way, please let me know.


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Sep 14, 2008
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Definitely read them cover to cover because Card College Lite sets up strings of 3 effects in a row each preceding the next and already as the next effect set up at the conclusion of the prior one. Its a great way to routine.
I have only read card college vol 1 and I was amazed it was a great book! I heard the CC Light series has the tricks routined so that would be cool. Plus sense you really don't have any sleights imagine what else you could be doing while performing!
Apr 20, 2010
If you have a text, video, or any other material, you should *always* read it cover to cover. It makes no sense not to.


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Nov 1, 2009
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I get a lot of books and I read all of them cover to cover. Even if you don't like a particular effect, there is something to learn there -- a method, a sleight or an idea each of which you can use later. The effects in Light, Lighter and Lightest are all strong effects each of which has something that you can learn from. At the end of each chapter Roberto Giobbi has a section "Lest I Forget" which contains some additional thinking and advice. Also, you can learn from how the effects are routined in the book.

The first chapter in the first book is titled "The Presentation of Sleightless Card Tricks." Reading that should start to change your opinion of sleightless effects.

Read the first effect in the first chapter. You can show a shuffled deck where the red and black cards are clearly mixed. The spectator handles the cards for most of the effect. At the end of the effect you are set up for any variation of Out of This World.

Giobbi also tells you how to incorporate sleight of hand (such as false shuffles) into the effects.

At the end of reading all of the books, you will have learned some powerful effects. The audience won't know if you used sleight of hand or another method. If you ever have someone burning your hands, or want the spectator to do the magic in their hand or need an effect to incorporate between two sleight of hand effects -- you will have it.

I'm all but certain that you will pick up at least two effects per book. See the thing is, what are my favorite might not be your favorite effects. The effects I hate, you may love. It all comes down to style. Take the time to read them.
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Jul 27, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
All right, thanks everyone. I will read them all the way through. After reading the first part as Reality One suggested, I see how sleightless tricks can be useful in certain situations.
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