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  1. Since i see a lot of junk battles like "double lift battle" and "daniel madison battle," I decided to create something that will attract magicians who are slightly more knowledgeable and experienced.

    A card control battle... precisely what you're thinking. Chose the most economical, invisible card control you know, and film it for a camera. I don't think you need to film in front of an audience, as it is just a control, and you'd have to prepare a routine or something if you're actually going out to perform. This also gives us a chance to assess angles, etc, and overall efficiency of the sleight you chose.

    If you don't know where or how to start about this, try filming from a spread (where a spectator would freely chose a card). You might possibly end the video after performing the control and placing the deck down on a table/mat (or wherever you perform it). Then, show where you have controlled the card to.

    We can even add something where we use the control to achieve some part of a routine, but that's for later discussion.

    thanks, and hope you'll participate
  2. I'm in.

    Problem is... I want to use my video that I have already recorded. However in that video, after the control I go into the clipshift. Is this allowed?

    (check out my youtube below and then go to my cherry control + clipshift video and tell me if it is okay.)


    Matt :)
  3. Hey man, no problemo. That's perfect, actually. You can go ahead and use it =) I'm really not that strict on this kinda stuff, especially because this will be my first/second battle on T11. But yeah, I guess I will try to post up a secondary phase (after the control). Mind helping me out on learning how to set up a battle =) I think it'll just go quicker that way lol
  4. ill battle.. if its on multiple controls.
  5. yeah, i would definitely be up for it, if it was for more than 1 control.

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