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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Vestone, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    here is a little Video of me showcasing a Control which came in my Mind a few month ago. I decided to film it to hear your opinions about it. I did some researches, but could not find the method, so if the method which is used in myVideo already exists, please inform me about it so i can give Credits.Thanks.
    But for now, please enjoy ;)

  2. not original

    im sure someone will help me be more specific
  3. its actually shown on crash course 2 on ellusionist
  4. yea he is right , its just a switch . it was introduced by brad christiain i think cause i saw him use it for his ACR ( not sure if he created it) but the control already existed..
  5. Ok, i already was sure that this is not original, but i dont own Crash course 2, but still thanks for helping me ;)
  6. It's actually a Jerry Sadowitz creation called the 'slip jog'. I learnt it from 'Card zones', the collected works that he put out with Peter Duffie.


  7. Your version of the control (no offense) is not as good as Jerry's. I suggest you bring the two halves together more. I have tried this in a few performances and have had not the best of luck with it.
  8. The angle you placed it on is also not the best. Try doing it with people looking down (As well as getting the original resource ;)).

    Although it sounds pretentious, it's really the best angle for the sleight.

    Also, try not to pause - you hesitate right before executing the move.

  9. Looks pretty cool I'll give you that, but isn't it just a fancy double lift?

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