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  1. are there any controls for getting a card from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top. and is there a way to control a card to a specific part of the deck?
  2. You can cull a card from the bottom of the deck and then put it at a specific position.
  3. Death to the Double Undercut
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  4. Yes, there are many ways. I recommend:

    Chapter 1 of the Royal Road to Card Magic.
    Chapter 3 of Harry Loraynes 'The Magic Book'.
    Page 67 of Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic.
    If I owned Card College I would provide the source but I'm certain it is one of the early chapters in Vol. 1.

    Apart from Card College, all of these books are affordable and will give you a rock-solid foundation.
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    Where can I buy these books?

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