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Card controls

Dec 7, 2013
i personally like using the classic pass to control the card to the top. but i've seen people from youtube particularly in a video at magic con using controls so clean that you wont even notice it. i know that the card was controlled but it was so smooth that lay men wouldn't be able to see it. i was wondering what controls these are and maybe you guys could suggest controls that are smooth and as much as possible quick like the pass


Apr 17, 2013
If you want clean then a pinky break and table cut, done and dusted :D but i like the fun and hard ones so bombastic by Zach Mueller's my favourite to do along with a bunch from control by Ollie Mealing and a bunch that i like to come up with


Elite Member
Sep 13, 2008
This is an extremely broad question which doesn't really have a good answer.

The most invisible card controls are those that suit the performer so well that they blend in with his normal handling of a deck of cards. For me, I use a few different controls. The two most common being PPP by Alan Rorrison and the Squeeze Shift by Daniel Madison. I also use some variations of the pass, a second deal, the Bluff Pass, and some others which are starting to slip my mind since I don't perform card magic much any more. Oh yeah, side steal. That one's golden.

Oh yeah - Someone already mentioned the Overhand Shuffle Control - also golden. One of the best and most deceptive ones out there.

Tim H.(4)

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Apr 26, 2013
Kansas City
A big second to the above poster's mention of the side steal. While the "right" control will always vary due to situation, angle, and perceived motivation for a control's movement, I find the side steal is my go-to.

If you're not familiar with Paul Cummins' variation of Marlo's deliberate steal, it's worth your time to check it out. After seeing it in-person around a decade ago, I waited with baited breath for the release of his Side Steal Declassified DVD. The second it was available, I snapped it up--and am glad I did. I thought I did a fair side steal beforehand, but his nuanced work on it made mine look like the laughable fumblings of a drunkard.
Apr 26, 2011
I love loosing control by Lee Asher and the Bluff pass.

They are both quite bold, but there is no movement of the deck after the card has, seemingly, been left in the centre of the pack.
May 3, 2012
The bluff pass is very good for me, also, if you are allowed to see the selection you can switch the card using a double turnover (ambitious card style) and that looks very well too.
Aug 17, 2013
One hand pass by Brad Christian, The Cull Pass, The Herman Pass and as somebody mentioned overhand shuffle control. All are confusing and if done right completely invisible and all look legit. It just all depends on the context of why you're doing what you're doing.
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