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Feb 7, 2015
Hey Guys I am a beginner in the world of card flourishing and i want to know more about cards finishes and your opinons about decks to buy.

I'm asking you because i can't find info anywhere. The only finishes i know about is the Bicycle 'air cushion' (I think this is "ok" for flourishing) and the Ellusionist 'UV500 Air-Flow' (I tested it in the Black Tiger Deck and didnt like to flourishing but is good on magic).

So... Can you help me, please? :)

Sorry for bad English, Spanish dude here.


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There are four types of cards that I own and use for cardistry and magic.

Plastic Cards
Bicycle produces a line of plastic cards called Prestige, in my opinion they aren't great for flourishing but I like the fact that you can do thousands of springs without warping your cards. Overall I wouldn't suggest buying these.

Plastic Finish
These are smooth cards and are produced by companies like Aviator. They are very good for flourishing but wear out over time as dirt and oils get on the finish. These are good but wash your hands before use to extend their life.

Bicycle 808 ACF
The USPCC uses the Air Cushion Finish on the bicycle line and most custom cards. The ACF works by making tiny dimples in the cards, this allows tiny pockets of air in between cards to glide on each other more freely. These are also good and last for a long time. Just like the plastic coated, clean hands will keep the cards clean and will last longer.

Premium 909 Finish
Used on custom cards, the 909 finish is the USPCC's best finish. From what I understand the 909 finish combines the Air Cushion Finish used on bicycle decks and combines it with chemical coatings that make cards flourish better. These are great cards and they last for a long time.

Hope this helps!
Mar 18, 2014
I think the Linoid finish ( Tally Ho ) and Linen Finish ( Studs, Fontaines ) are the best for cardistry.
Feb 7, 2015
I think the Linoid finish ( Tally Ho ) and Linen Finish ( Studs, Fontaines ) are the best for cardistry.

Yes? Well, I will buy a Tally Ho to test it. I want two or three decks of the new Black Fontaines but seems like it's impossible buy them...
Thank you for reply ; )
Dec 29, 2016
Bicycle: Air-Cushion Finish.
And "Air-Cushion" Is a "pocket" of air, used to absorb shock.
An "Air-Cushion" is used in most trucks, and other vehicles.
For example, when a truck is climbing a mountain,
it uses shocks to help absorb the "Shock" of the bouncing.
This is where Air-Cushion comes into play.
The air cusioning helps the shocks to absorb the "Bounce",
and gives the vehicle extra spring. ( For big hills, etc. )

Same goes for Bicycle Cards.
They Bicycle cards are manufactured with an air-cushion.
If you notice in a new pack when first opened,
you can see groups of 10 cards at a time, divided
with a slightly different colour in the breaks. This is the air-cushion.
All this does is give the Bicycles that extra "spring"
when performing magic, and/or flourishes.
Tally-Ho's and bicycle are pretty equal in quality however.
We will get to that.
________________________________________ ________________

Tally-Ho Playing Cards: Linoid Finish.
Basically what a "Linoid" Finish is. Is a life-extender.
It adds an extra coat onto the cards to keep them from
getting sticky. It also holds the quality to where fans can
be executed more easily. This is why in a new pack of Tally-Ho's,
the cards a extremly stiff. This is caused by the Linoid finish.
Tally-Ho's, like Bicycles. Are GREAT for using in card magic.
( Overall opinion from magicians ) They are pretty much equal
in quality. The Tally-Ho's will most likley last longer,
whilst the Bicycles will spring better.
( general statment with slight opinion )
________________________________________ _______________

Bee Playing cards: Cambric Finish.
Cambric is a cotton like matirial that can also be found
in very expensive bed-sheets. Cambric is atually a "Woven" cotten.
If you notice the design in Bee playing cards,
it is a Woven design. This is because of the Cambric finish.
I am not saying that Bee's are made of cotten,
I am saying it uses the matirial, and is woven the same way.
This is why ( if you notice ) Bee's seem to be soft when shuffling.
Cambric allows cards to be bent more, without giving to much-
damage to the cards. The Cambric in my opinion seems
to absorb alot pressure on the cards,
to make for a better shuffle.
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