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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by jeremyt, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I made this video for the Smoke and Mirror v6 trailer contest.

    I hope you enjoy it, and do let me know what you think!

    About "Modern Classic"

    "Modern classic" takes inspiration from Dan and Dave latest "Smoke & Mirror" deck, V6, juxtaposing timeless vintage elements with a touch of modern class.

    Through a careful curation of modern classic card flourishes, this showcase exemplifies philosophies of timelessness that the Dan and Dave "Smoke and Mirror" series perfectly exudes.
  2. Great quality, camera work and nice solid moves and timing. As a cardistry newb I'll leave technical discussion of your moves to the experts but I enjoyed the film and think you did a great job putting it together. Gimmee 6 months and I'll try to make something like that. :)
  3. Amazing...There really aren't too many more words that capture that video.

    Amazing technical skill coupled with Daren's godly editing makes this a video that will be looked up to for a long time.
  4. Ill disagree with that based on the fact that whoever shot this has no knowledge of camera shutter speeds for videos
  5. I have to agree with that.
  6. Sorry, I don't know much about cameras and such. However, to the untrained eye (me), it looked phenomenal.
  7. At some parts, there is too much flickering which means the shutter speed is too high
  8. I noticed that as well but I think it was intentional. They probably shot at a high shutter speed because it makes the slow motion parts look a lot smoother.

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