Card Flourishes - "Radiance"

Sep 1, 2007
0:10 - First thought, I'm just pleased to hear actual vocals for a change of pace so hopefully I won't have to listen to more generic dubstep. Second thought, is that grainy, washed-out look deliberate? Third thought, show your face.
0:16 - The slug lasted too long. Breaks flow.
0:32 - At this point it's getting a bit repetitive. Consider a couple of displays or changing the pacing slightly. Experiment and see what works.
0:42 - The faster pacing to match the beat is good, but it would have worked better if there was no cut there.
0:49 - That riffling looked like filler. Completely broke the flow.
0:53 - Aerials lose their impact when the flying card spends 90% of its time outside the frame.
1:00 - That shot could have been more interesting if it had been more developed and gone in a better place during the song.
1:24 - That fan was a do-over. Shouldn't have made it into the final cut.
1:45 - Dude, please stop cutting. It's getting really intrusive, even moreso because you keep adding the slug between shots. It doesn't look good.
1:56 - Stop cutting! Just because you can edit doesn't mean you should.

Overall, your tendency to edit is your worst enemy. Plan the routine around the music, don't just slap random shots together. You've got smooth handling, but your insistence on cutting together unrelated shots takes away from everything. The viewer doesn't have time to appreciate anything because it's done as quick as it starts. Not enough displays and the music seems to be an afterthought at best. And show your face. Every hack does the close-up on the hands shot and their videos all suck. Don't suck like they do. At the very least, suck better. That's what I do.
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