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    a cardistry cartoon would probably get the popularity of this art to sky rocket, I mean think abbout it, all the kids would be watching a cartoon where I don't know the good guy just keeps practicing flourishes and joins contests, and ten the bad guys use like black tiger decks and they will have some extremely hard flourishing, and the good guy and his friends keeps practicing. That would make this a lot more popular. Maybe at the end of each episode there would be a tutorial of some very basic flourish like charlier cut, and they could sell small decks for little kids who want to learn these things. I think that would be pretty cool. I don't know how but add some action to it, like Yu Gi oh (if you know what I am talking about, because I am young and when I was little kid it was still popular) it's a card game, but look at how popular it was. THis would be pretty good Idea, id there anyone Japanese here because they are the ones who make these types of cartoons? Well tell me what do you think about this idea
    Edit: I like the game idea too so, we could probably do both, I will mention my game Ideas at the end as a reply
  2. well, i personaly do not think this is a good idea. i say this because cardistry is an art, and if a cartoon was made of it, cardistry and magic would become a fad, people wouls get realy hyped up about it, then drop it like a bomb. think about it... how far did pokemon, digimon, yu-gi-oh and bayblade go? (not far at all)
  3. Pokemon got pretty damn far, thats for sure.
  4. Pokemon is actually still pretty big! kids still buy the cards, and it;s still traded etc. at school! (I babysit a kid who goes to elementary)
  5. This is off topic, but Dizzi your signature cracks me up.

  6. The original 151 Pokemon were awesome, it went kinda downhill after the first movie tho (what a crap ending to a movie).

    Now theres like 300 pokemon, including dogs with Skirts, Damn you Japanese! couldnt you have just kept it like it was?!
  7. That's an interesting idea. For a while I was thinking about how to make a video game based around cardistry but didn't know how...
  8. like a tony hawk game. different button combos for different moves. as well as you walk around, buy new decks, and talk to people for challenges.

    P.S.: Why does my sig crack you up? it's near impossible to get unused wynns. (Not the ones in the casino TRUE unused/unopened.)
  9. how about a flash-based cel-shaded capture of Daren (or any of his clones good enough to actually do the moves would work), all moves start and end in dealing position, then you just click on which cut you want to see and maybe you can click on a whole crapload of 'em and they queue up so you just see one long azz *****en combo of sickness. points are based on how long you can make the Daren flourish without stopping. i'd play it.
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    Actually if you just take the cardist habbits you can find on this forum and you got enough material to cover for lets say what, half year with weekly released 3 picture short comic. which might be hella fun to do i say ;)

    although it is rather hard to find artistic painter with cardistry as interest ? :S

    did i mention the You know you're a card artist when... thread?

    PS: Incase anyone wish to start on such comic im glad to help ! not that im much of a help in that field lol
  11. I highly doubt that's possible. For one, Japan is pretty low on the card manipulation. A penspinning anime/manga would probably come out before ANY card manipuatlion anime/manga. You don't know how rare this stuff is. Although there is anime/manga about tennis, football, POKER, Go, children's card games, and a bunch of other things. Never understood the whole sports video game thing not to mention why spend time playing a video game that makes you practice the charlier cut when you can be practicing the charlier in REAL LIFE. I don't think that's the way to project the popularity of the art foward.

    The best way would be to uhhhhh... PERFORM for real life audiences subtracting magic from your acts so that manipulation becomes the focus. Which is probably impossible for some people because so many people started out in magic and still have at least 60% of the their material focusing on magic.
  12. Not sure how many of you guys know it but...
    There is a Manga based on magic
    It's called Magic Master, follows the tale of a young bow aspiring to be a great magician.
    Based on Shoot Ogawa =)
  13. I say it's a great idea. Thanks to manga/anime, it got me intrested in Tennis and stuff. :p
  14. Actually the manga Amane mentions " Magic Master" is what got me into magic, which then lead on to flourishing.

    So I guess it may help for some people but for this to work I think the main focus of the manga would have to be magic with flourishes every now and again.
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    I can kind of see it as a video game, albeit not a very popular one. You're the hero who wants to master all the card manipulations. you go around learning the basics, you meet characters and practice the moves, its a real time game, and sometimes you meet special characters who, if you do things right, teach you underground moves. You can use these moves to enter competitions, and "level up" as you go.
    Also, whether you win is based on your score, which is kinda like a random chance type thing, where you have more possibility of scoring higher if 1, its a hard move, and 2, you practice it a lot.

    And at the end you can meet and compete with the big characters, like the Bick twins, Daron, Devee, Bome, etc

    Wow, some interesting ideas popped up along while i was typing this. Hehe, if anyone is planning on making this, let me know! :D

    Edit: you can also win money from the competitions to buy cuts to learn, and of course, decks ^_^ (which also might factor into how well you score in the competitions)

    ... damn, this is kind of a good idea
  16. "why spend time playing a video game that makes you practice the charlier cut when you can be practicing the charlier in REAL LIFE"
    ABout the game section of your post, a counterexample would be Guitar hero, why are they practicing a fake guitar with 5 buttons instead of practicing for a real guitar
    Now for the game idea again kind of refering to guitar hero, we could have like 5 or 6 card sized kind of blocks or whatever which are thicker than a card about as thick as like 15-17 cards (a little less than 1/2 cm) and they could be connected by wires together, and one is like the main one with the buttons to walk around and a wireless thing to the actual console, and you could walk around with the buttons on the main packet, and then you could flourish your butt off using the packets and the flourishes they give you on the screen. I'd play it!
  17. Well unfortunately I think the counterexample is flawed in that it has a music component. Playing your favorite song on a fake guitar is a fun part of the game. DDR is the same way, is it going to get you to dance at the clubs, not really. But definitely fun because of the music. Subtract that music, and you'll pretty much get the card manipulation game your taking about. Then your just messing with controls in an specific order that has no relation to the person playing it. Fun factor is always the important part of a game, and the musical component is definitely a driving point for many games of that genre.

    Now, I will say I've seen a juggling game where you use the keys of the keyboard to time throws to understand the timing of juggling. This was done in flash I saw it like a few years ago, pretty sure you could track it down and see what I mean. That's an educational game though.
  18. Come up with a Wii Card Flourishing game? That sounds rad. 52 white plastic thingys. Hahahahaha! I think too much!
  19. I'm not so sure about the whole anime show about cardistry and making it into a popular thing..... I kinda like the idea of an underground art where not many people have much knowledge about it..... But w/e, just my opinion :)
  20. Yeah man, I like that too. Unfortunately this game will probably never be made. The majority of people don't even know card manipulation exist.

    I agree cardistry should be popularized, but not with manga or other cartoons............I don't want our art to be mixed with people who don't know **** about it, and doesn't even care, just following the newest hype. Look at what happened when Need for Speed Underground and Too Fast Too Furious came out. I was hearing things like "turbo" and "NOS" from people who doesn't know anything about cars and doesn't care to learn more, but they think they were pro's, because they could finish NFSU2.

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