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  1. Hi,

    I've got a special request: I'm looking for a force that can be done with a small packet of cards, 10-15 cards or less. Also, I would prefer if the forced card would remain face down when forced (like the classic force, but there are too few cards to do it with), until the revelation of it. I've got a force now, but when the card is forced it has to be face up for the force to work, which I feel weakens the climax of the effect. I want the spectator to pick the card, not knowing what it is until they're asked to turn the card face up.

    Forces I've ruled out so far, because it's a small numbers of cards, are: The classics (like classic, riffle, hindu and dribble), any count force (weakens the effect and takes up to much time, imo) and any cut force.

    (I hope I'm not being too demanding here.)

    Any name or resource (book, streaming, dvd) would be much appreciated! :)
  2. try classic spelling force, for example, hot rod/color stick effect
  3. what is the spelling force? Where can i learn it?
  4. cull force? and if you only have a few cards i think any dealing would be fine
  5. The cull force seems perfect for you requirements.
  6. Why can't you use the Classic force? It's incredibly easy with only 10-15 cards.
  7. Another vote for the cull force. Personally, I find it easier with a small packet of cards like you will be using.
  8. Dani DaOrtiz has a version of the classic force done in the action of laying cards one by one face down on the table. I believe his force occurs around position 7-8, however.
  9. Could a Cull Force be used with a packet that is exactly 4 cards?
  10. Roll a die and add the top and bottom numbers which will always 7 and control/position the forced card in the seventh position then ask them to count seven cards down. :)
  11. How about a Cross-Cut force? With some time misdirection it could be workable.
    If the packet is too small to cut, ask for a number in the center of the number of cards you have:
    Say you have 15 cards, they call out 5, then simply move 5 from the bottom to the top, openly, sidejog that packet, and force accordingly.
  12. I had someone recommend Magicians Choice to me this morning. Now we're delving into a bit of mentalism. But there should be no problem with this sort of cross-training.
  13. Bill Abbott has a method that would work available in his Smart Ass routine that could work very well. Personally I would do a cull like others mentioned.
  14. Explain that you have around 20 cards. Tell the spectator to pick a number somewhere in the middle between 1 and 20. Let's say they pick the number 8. Show them what you want them to do by dealing eight cards to the table. Turn over the top card and tell them that would have been their card, but you don't want to touch the cards. Reassemble the pack and hand it to them. Tell them to deal the number of cards they selected and take the top card.

    Turn over the card below their card and explain that if they had chosen a smaller number that would have been their card and then turn over the top card in the packet they were dealing from and show them that would have been their card if they had picked a higher number.

    Laugh to yourself and continue with the effect.
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  15. If you're able to execute a second deal, you could just second deal and let them call out stop or ask them a to name a number and second deal that amount on the table. The sleight is really worth investing in, as it has a lot of other applications.

    Good luck!
  16. Brilliant use of that principle! I think this is the best solution, mainly because it's bold...and I love bold!

  17. Mirror force?
  18. The force from RealityOne resembles the one in Paul Harris' YAMFACAAN
  19. Pretty sure it's older than that. I think it's in RRTCM somewhere.
  20. I learned it from Scarne on Card Tricks in a trick called Nomenclature which uses a variation. I suspect it is even older than that and RRTCM.

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