Card in Envelope Plot

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  1. Hello friends, Hope you guys are having a great summer and I had a quick question for anybody willing to answer. I'm working on the Card in Envelope Plot and was wondering where some classic or notable examples of it could be found. I'm playing around with an idea and would like to check originality and such. Thanks in advance,
  2. Anate. 'Nuff said.

  3. David Regal's "Special Delivery" is super easy, convincing, cheap and the card is signed. I use this all of the time.

    You may want to check it out. The spectator sees the card through a window envelope and they also see you pull out their card. I can't say much more without exposing.
  4. Funny, I've been practicing a version of this, which although isn't strictly speaking a card in envelope plot (it's a prediction effect, with the prediction being a card in the envelope), is killer. It's from Ted Lesley's book Paramiracles. The performer takes a card and places it in an envelope. The spectator freely shuffles a deck, gives it a cut, and the top card shuffled and cut to matches the prediction.

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