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  1. Hey guys do you know wher I can learn some card isolations ???
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    I suggest you watch Franky Morales' ISOLATED. That's not however the most basic -- but at least. Then you might want to check out the A-Z of Cardistry by New Deck Order and for the simplest routine, check Jaspas Deck's Our Space video.

    These are not entirely 'instructional' per se. You might want to watch the clip over and over again. And check their fingers.

    Hold one card by its long edge and clip it using your index and pinky on top, middle and ring finger underneath. Raise your arm and face the side of the card with your index and pinky away from you. Use your thumb to manipulate it. You'll get the idea once you do that basic move. After that, let your imagination take flight. Just remember, the point of isolation is to give the illusion of the card floating in the air and the cardist is the one moving instead.


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