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  1. ok so ive been doing magic for about 10 months i usually dont perform i practice to myself most of the time but anyhow. around my fourth month when i started performing at school i did pretty good i got some people in trouble for cussing and all that. but then i started going down like the only thing i could do was a biddle trick and a time machine and just stop and walk away from the spectator. so i started getting into coin magic to give cards a rest and get back in later i can do some coin across variations and flicker
    but my first interest was card magic and well i bought like 12 decks and then boom i go into a slump
    so what i want to know is has this happened to you? do i just suck? any ideas on practicing or performing that would get me out? just any idea will help please i need help!!
  2. maybe coins are your thing. try learning coin tricks instead. see which you prefer performing.
  3. I don't really understand what you're attempting to ask.
  4. im asking how to get out of this slump how to have enough tricks to leave my classmates in awe how to keep it going caue i dont want to quit magic
  5. Well, purchase more material or create your own. Work on your performance style, patter, and card technique.

    It's common sense. If what you have is old, boring, etc, obtain new material. If you aren't performing it in an entertaining manner, then change your performing style.

  6. get so motivation and get some new material, dangerous by daniel madison is great.
  7. it's ok, all beginner have this problem. You are trying to do anything you see that's fools you or you thought it's cool if you can do it. But to tell you the truth, they are the same. There are nothing different between them, they are just tool to a magician. It's good to know both but be the best at one. Take your time and master tricks that you already have and slowly move on to the next thing. Don't rush, and fall.
  8. I understand your problem and in a way I am suffering with it as well. It's sort of the problem where, you can practice at home and it will look badass, but when you actually get out there, your mind goes blank, And you don't want to do the same tricks over and over and over. What you need to do is build yourself up a routine, maybe incorporate those tricks you already know, but also bring out some fresh stuff. I love the biddle trick, that is on of my favorites definitely, keep that in your routine. But that's just it, find a routine that suits you and go with it for a while, maybe interchange some things. Aaaand now I'm rambling so that's that.
  9. hey man this happens to me all the time... if this happens while you are doing tricks for people, then you should just improvise, i do that all the time. just create something on the spot. all it takes to put someone in "awe" is a control and a color change. it's very simple, and they'll love it. and once you get good at improvising, then you can just come up with better stuff. it's like music. lol. but anyway...

    you could also just learn a bunch of effects. and the way that i don't forget them, is that i write down the name of all of the tricks that i learn on sticky notes. and then just bring one of them to school, so that if your mind goes blank for another trickm, then you can just look at the paper...

    Alright, well that's my two cents!

    hope it helps.

  10. this happend to me as well.
    3 months after i started card magic i got bored, and started coin magic for a week, and then pencil spinning for a month, and then yoyo for two weeks, and then back to card magic.

    but the thing is i still do all those, because it's good to have diversity.
  11. do not be THE MAGIC GUY. One of the biggest mistakes beginners these days make.

    you'll have no personality apart from your magic. the only reason people will want to talk to you will be because you do magic. then you'll run out of material by doing a touch and go on all material you get. learn one day, perform the next, forget. rinse and repeat. get 5 tricks sit down, practose them to death, then perform those for different people. i see no point in constantly showing the same people magic over and over again. get a personality. its more useful than trying to win people over with magic tricks.

    another point -
    I honestly dont see the obsession magicians have with giving spectators visual up to date in the magic world tricks. spectators dont know better. they are laypeople who get fried by a force and a double lift.
    no point here actually. just my two cents or so.
  12. Get a life.
  13. I haven't had that problem in a while but whenever i do want some motivation i just watch videos.

    Not of people performing to a webcam, but of spectators and their reactions.

    Professional magicians that you admire and want to be like. There are tons of videos on YouTube, check them out and watch the audience.

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