Card Magician carry with them ?

May 26, 2009
What do you guyz carry with you when performing card magic for someone ?

I carry :

1 bicycle guardian deck
1 bicycle rider back deck ( regular ones )
1 svengali deck
3 gimmick cards and 1 extra card
Jun 5, 2009
1: 1 or 2 normal bikes contrasting colors
2: some rubberbands
3: atleast one 1/2 dollar... (i preform Dan Sperries coin/eye effect alot one of my faves)
4 a couple of extra cards and depending where im going maybe my black ghost.


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Sep 1, 2007
A deck of card (no preference in particular) and matching old duplicates (added in and out as needed since I usually have at least 6)

A sharpie

Rubber Bands

Either English Penny or Half Dollar

If available, double backer (if that's the case, I carry double facer as well)
Jun 8, 2009
I just carry a deck of cards (any deck, no specific brand) and a home-made double-backer. On occasion I carry more stuff, but that's pretty much it card-wise.
Oct 20, 2008
Austin, TX area
This has more to do with constantly shoving another deck of cards in my laptop case than wanting to be prepared, but:

Bicycle Ryder Back, Blue, 2 Decks. Red, 1 Deck.
A deck of guardians
White Bicicyle Limited Edition, Series 1.

I really only tend to use the busted up old blue deck, although the LE's and Guardians feel a lot nicer.
1 deck of cards.

1 Sharpie [optional].

yeah, that is really all you need. Even if I don't have a deck, someone usually will (at house parties or gatherings at least).

I think you should be able to do enough magic with just a deck of cards to last about 15 mins or more.

Plus, I don't really like having my pockets full of a million things so its just a deck of cards, iPhone, and keys.

I thought the pro carrier was a good idea, but it is still too bulky for me.
Jan 31, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Any Deck, cash, branded gimmick, flashpaper, pen/sharpie doesn't really matter for the trick I do.

If I've got red Bikes I'll also carry Daryl's Morphed Card and a wild card set for Tommy Wonder's Routine.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
I carry nothing! I say poof and the deck appears! MUHAHAHA

I usually carry only 1 deck with me.
But if I know that I will be performing, I carry 1 deck of any kind and my small packet of gimmicks and extras. These include most of daryl's printed cards, split-decision, cards for angle zero, double backs, face, blanks, etc. A small packet of these can easily last me 30 routines.
Mar 12, 2009
-1 Bicycle Deck
-1 indifferent colored card
-Fire Wallet (this is my actual wallet)
-2 Rubberbands around my wrist
-A ring that I wear
-Perfect Penetration
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