Card manipulation and guitar.

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    Greetings, good people.

    Awfully curious about this, have any of you skilled card manipulating freaks taken up guitar? I am wondering if having all that dexterity helped you a bit with finger positioning and chords.

  2. I play, yeah, I don't know if all that helps or not, because I don't do a whole lot of XCM, but I do Charlier and stuff, and my friend who plays guitar was impressed that I got as good as I am using only youtube, so maybe it does help...
  3. I play guitar, and almost all the time play with using finger picking. I can't remember how good I was at finger picking before I took up cards, but I imagine the control I have over the strings does have some effect on my skill with cards. Placing my fingers in awkward positions while playing guitar probably transfers across to card manipulation. I think? :p
  4. talk to Jay. He is a guitar teacher and flourisher based out of Cape Cop
  5. I started playing guitar before I picked up magic and flourishing. I know that certainly helped with card manipulation. It probably works both ways.
  6. My brother plays a lot of guitar. Mostly technical death metal. From playing around 2 hours, probably even more, per day for the past 5/6 years his fingers are all... bent. If he spreads his fingers some of them are bent in and out. I guess thats what happens when you play that style so excessively.
  7. i would say that with guitar you need more finger strength while magic needs dexterity really. i guess it would help as you need both for both but its like a boxer and a runner. learning to run really fast will help in the boxing ring but it will not win u any matches.
    I started guitar a year after magic
  8. Like many, I started out being a musician and playing guitar before I got into magic. I believe that the patience learning guitar and songs really helped also, in addition to the dexterity.

    Ever try hybrid picking!
  9. Card manipulation and guitar

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